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  • The Audio from 13 Videos Now Available on Streaming Sites Such as Spotify, iTunes, etc.

    The audio from select videos pictured below from my channel have been distributed to various streaming outlets so that they can be listened to outside of YouTube. They should begin to be available if they are not already. I unintentionally dropped the ball doing this over the past couple of years, so this makes up […]

  • 13 Videos Submitted for Various Streaming Sites (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

    For reasons I am not entirely sure of myself, I completely forgot about my annual ritual where I would submit the audio from select videos on my YouTube channel to various streaming sites such as Spotify, etc., so that people can listen to the audio outside of YouTube. I think time just slipped by, and […]

  • Monthly MP3 Reward for October 2022 on my Patreon


  • Monthly MP3 Reward for November 2022 Now Available on My Patreon


  • Evil Dead The Game: The Honeymoon is Over! Suggestions to Improve Game Health and Balance from a Demon Main’s Perspective

    I absolutely love Evil Dead The Game, from its design to the gameplay and mechanics. It’s a fun, albeit frustrating at times, asymmetrical horror game based on the Evil Dead franchise, which I’m also a fan of (I’ve only watched the movies). HOWEVER….

  • Osprey Catches Fish Right Before My Eyes

    Photos series of an Osprey shown hovering and then diving into water to catch a fish and flying away with its prey. I was very lucky to have witnessed this behavior closeup.

  • Cedar Waxwing – My First Encounter Ever!

    I’m not sure how common or rare the Cedar Waxwing is here in Pennsylvania. All I can tell you is that for the past 51 years of my life, I’ve never encountered a single one! Until now! I was out and about in early June (2022) at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum, Pennsylvania. […]

  • Mating Baltimore Orioles (Yet Another Lucky Moment Captured)

    A pair of mating Baltimore Orioles that I just happened to stumble upon. One of those right place, right time kind of moments. This is just another prime example of what happens when you go outdoors, slow down, and take the time to observe the things that unfold around you. You don’t even need expensive […]

  • Look! It’s not a Bird!

    It’s almost 2 weeks that I’ve owned my first long lens, the Sony 200-600mm, as well as the Sony A7 IV, and the local places I’ve been visiting are chock full of all kinds of wildlife, mostly birds. So my focus (pun not intended) has been up in the trees and the sky, rarely on […]

  • Bald Eagle Tries to Snatch Fish Away from Osprey

    I believe the eagle did eventually acquire the fish, from what I was told by some other park visitors, but I missed that moment. Bummer! But there’s always next time, right!? ;) You can view the series of images on my Instagram: These are the cool moments you get to witness when you take […]

  • I’m Back on Social Media for 1 Primary Purpose

    I left twitter, facebook and instagram like… I dunno… 2-3 years ago now? It was the January of either 2019 or 2020. I left either before COVID broke out, or the year prior. And I didn’t leave for any certain reason other than why most people leave social media: to get away from the nonsense. […]

  • 2 More House Finch Hatchlings Have Arrived!

    The image below was captured from my smartphone on May 3rd. It appears to show 3 hatchlings in the nest. They are all jumble together with their heads down so it’s difficult to be certain, but it appears that of the 4 eggs total only 1 remains, so, fingers crossed for the final baby to […]

  • Our First House Finch Hatchling of 2022!

    The first baby bird, or what’s called a “hatchling” at this stage, has, well.. hatched! Below is an image taken from video that was captured with a smartphone (I have to extend my arm all the way up and blindly take a photo pointing down). And yes, it’s alive! The video this image is from […]

  • Download the “Outside the Lines” ASMR Video Image

    Check out the “Community tab” on my YouTube channel to submit your creation! Below are 4 variations of the “Outside the Lines” image as seen in this video in case you want to color along with me or at your own leisure! 2 “Smaller” size. 2 “Max” size where the image takes up most of […]

  • Bird Nest Update: Momma Bird Laid 4 Eggs Total

    The images below were taken quickly by reaching up and over the light fixture outside of our house where a House or Purple finch has built its nest. In case you haven’t been following along, this is the 3rd year in a row the same species has built a nest here (starting in 2020). Today […]

  • The Birds Are Back for a 3rd Year In a Row! But Will We See Any Eggs or Chicks?

    Outside of our garage we have an outdoor light fixture that lost its cover a few years ago, probably due to a storm or heavy wind, and also probably due to my changing the light bulb and not screwing the cover back on properly. What else is new. I did take the light bulb out […]

  • Down the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole Part 3 – Ephemeral Rift Podcast Episode 40

    Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 40 where once again I travel down the ever winding and twisting virtual tunnels of Wikipedia in the off chance we might learn a few things, and maybe even share a few laughs along the way. Spotify ► ► ► ► ►

  • Animals & Society (Pets, Zoos, Animals in Sports, Factory Farming, etc.) – Ephemeral Rift Podcast Episode 39

    Episode 39 of the Ephemeral Rift Podcast where I try to cover almost every angle of animals in modern ape society from as an objective perspective as possible including pets & the pet industry, zoos, animals in sports, factory farming, circuses, and animals (namely dogs) used for human assistance and in law enforcement. There might […]

  • Humor & Comedy – Ephemeral Rift Podcast Episode 38

    Episode 38 of the Ephemeral Rift podcast where I talk almost all things humor & comedy from burps & farts to jokes about tragedies; how humor & comedy strengthens, disarms, empowers and relieves stress; why we laugh; my run in with a seagull; and a few lists of funny books, movies, and tv shows. Spotify […]

  • The ArkSanitron (version 1.0)

    At night they’re busy experimenting on, or being experimented on, but when the multiverse needs a hero (or a destroyer), they join forces to form the ArkSanitron (version 1.0). More details soon!

  • The Podcast will return January 4th

    This xmas holiday has thrown a monkey wrench into the works, so I won’t be able to record any episodes for the podcast until the new year. So until then, have a safe and happy holiday and new year!

  • ERP #37 – The Holiday Blues, Psychedelic Santa, Anti-capitalist Attitudes

    Welcome to Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 37 where I talk about: how the Christmas holiday can be tough for people for various reasons; briefly touching on the loss of loved ones; job loss & layoffs (executive snakes, exploitation, unions, loyalty, equality, etc.); charities that exploit peoples’ goodwill; The Ideal vs The Reality; anti-capitalist attitudes in […]

  • Krill Your Shelf, Krill Yourself, or Krill Someone or Something Else!

    Krill Your Shelf, Krill Yourself, or Krill Someone or Something Else!

  • ERP #35 – 🤘 Metal 🤘 (music)

    Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 35 where I talk all things Metal (music) from what it is, its history, the subgenres & their musicians, notable albums, and even how therapeutic it can be. Transcript of this episode available for my patrons: Spotify ► ► ► ► ►

  • &

    Full size version available to all patrons for as low as $1:

  • ERP #34 – Dungeons & Dragons

    Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 34 where I talk all things Dungeons & Dragons, including what it is, how it’s played, a brief history of role-playing and D&D, what inspired D&D, what D&D inspired, and reading some excerpts from the Player’s Guide and Monster Manual. Spotify ► ► ► ► ►

  • ERP #33 – Philosophy (First in a New Series)

    Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 33 can be considered both an introduction to philosophy as well as a stepping stone for future episodes on specific philosophies/philosophers. In this episode I talk about the beneficial nature of philosophy, some definitions, quotes about it, a list of 100 notable philosophers, the names of all philosophies, a brief history, […]

  • List of Known Species of Mallows

  • Netflix’s Norsemen is an Absolute Fucking Hilarious Modern Day Monty Python

    My wife and I just started watching this series which apparently has been out for like 2-3 years now. How we missed it is beyond me. All we know is that it’s the best comedy series we have seen in a long time, since the likes of Seinfeld, The Office (American version), and the movie […]

  • Think Corvus being one of the “Men” was a huge twist in the ERU?

    Just wait until you see what drops on October 24th.

  • Rules of the Sleep Note

    Hello, dear reader, or should I say, sleeper? After all, you are one who sleeps. Welcome to the official Rules of the Sleep Note. I recently discovered this notebook in early October 2021 purely by happenstance while preparing to make another ASMR video on my YouTube channel. If you want to learn more, or are […]

  • Congrats! You’re Still With Us! Certificate of Award

    In honor of you still being here with us, for enduring and persevering, I present you with my own homemade certificate of award for such a truly momentous achievement! Feel free to download, print and proudly display whichever version you prefer, or both!

  • The Tiers of Wellness

    My list of the various states of wellness / well being from the bottom of feeling just O.K. to the pinnacle of feeling splentastic! The Tiers of WellnessSplentasticFantasticSplendidAmazingAwesomeExcellentMarvelousWonderfulGreatWellMagnificentFineGoodAlrightO.K. (Baseline) Note: This is not an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of every possible state of well being in existence. For practical purposes, it has been limited to […]

  • A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Making an ASMR Video about the Civil War

    Most of the videos I make for my YouTube channel don’t often have any kind of interesting story behind the reason that they were made. Most. That is not the case for the video called “Relax with a Union Soldier | ASMR” for which this piece of writing is about. But this isn’t really so […]

  • The Poetry of Iggy Manley

    Below are the “poems” (minus the poem “Meat”) from the “The Poetry of Iggy Manley” video. I just had fun whipping up these lyrics the day before creating the video. I used to dabble and have fun writing terrible amateur poetry / song lyrics like this from when I was a teen and up until […]

  • The Dystopian Story behind The Everything Man, The Candy Man, The Snack Man, etc.

    In a dystopian future, the governments of the world joined together to form a united coalition in an effort to gain ultimate control over their citizens and to steer society towards the coalition’s vision of a utopian society. This new “united front” knew that in order to achieve this, they would have to weaken their […]

  • The Whispering Fire of Savallach Manor

    You find yourself unable to move and completely captivated by the warm, mesmerizing flames of a crackling fire as you hear a voice whispering in an unknown language. It appears that the rumors are true after all and that your journey here was not in vein. This old manor, once home to generations of the […]

  • The Story Behind Rob Zombie Ross

    Once upon a time, at Arkham Sanitarium, everyone’s favorite resident painter Rob Ross had some trouble sleeping. Rather than make it through the night and schedule an A.S.M.R. appointment the next day with Corvus or Dave, he decided to break curfew and leave his room. I’m sure by now you know how that is never […]

  • Letter to a Friend – Complete Text

    Official text behind the letter written in the video: Hello My Friend! I hope this letter finds you fairing well! No, strike that. I hope you are doing splentastically well! I do apologize for writing you so late, but it is only until now that I have been ale to set aside all distractions and […]

  • New Margaret merch available!

    You can now get Margaret on your socks, leggings, mug, smartphone case and more! This is a more recent design than what was previously available. I did a recent photo shoot of Margaret, performed some Photoshop witchery, and added her to the Teespring and Spreadshirt shops.

  • The Story behind Alien Encounter ASMR

    Once upon a time, back in October 2018, I was sitting down for lunch eating my usual beef pot pie, or maybe it was chicken pot pie, I can’t remember exactly. I think I had water to drink along with it, although it may have been iced tea. I don’t know if I also had […]

  • The ERU has moved to it’s own page here:

  • EphemRadio Podcast #72 12-23-2017 Weekend Edition

    In this episode of the podcast I ramble about the spirit of christmas compared with the commercialized aspect , kindness vs human nature and how our primitive side often undermines our good intentions, Quentin Tarantino’s film The Heightful Eight, being on the wagon, trusting your intuition, lipstick on a pig in regards to how the […]

  • EphemRadio Podcast #63 Weekday Edition 11-21-2017

    I start off this episode with some news regarding the potential to play more indie music on the podcast beyond ccmixter and freemusicarchive; ramble about the holidays and having off from work; winter and remote car starters; incentives for the every day worker & taxpayer much like pro sports players; movies from the 80’s starting […]

  • Official Ephemeral Rift Merchandise Now Available via

    I have finally launched a shop via starting with the “I hope you are doing well” phrase. In the coming months, and (Cthulhu willing) years, I’ll be offering and creating many more designs based on content from my YouTube channel and beyond (i.e. completely new designs and ideas unrelated to the channel.) As of the […]