ERP #35 – 🤘 Metal 🤘 (music)

Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 35 where I talk all things Metal (music) from what it is, its history, the subgenres & their musicians, notable albums, and even how therapeutic it can be. Transcript of this episode available for my patrons:

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ERP #34 – Dungeons & Dragons

Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 34 where I talk all things Dungeons & Dragons, including what it is, how it’s played, a brief history of role-playing and D&D, what inspired D&D, what D&D inspired, and reading some excerpts from the Player’s Guide and Monster Manual.

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ERP #33 – Philosophy (First in a New Series)

Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 33 can be considered both an introduction to philosophy as well as a stepping stone for future episodes on specific philosophies/philosophers. In this episode I talk about the beneficial nature of philosophy, some definitions, quotes about it, a list of 100 notable philosophers, the names of all philosophies, a brief history, some related tangents, and responding to a couple messages.

Partial transcript of this episode now available on my Patreon page here:

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Netflix’s Norsemen is an Absolute Fucking Hilarious Modern Day Monty Python

My wife and I just started watching this series which apparently has been out for like 2-3 years now. How we missed it is beyond me.

All we know is that it’s the best comedy series we have seen in a long time, since the likes of Seinfeld, The Office (American version), and the movie The Hangover.

Great comedies today that are on par with the god-like nature of Monty Python’s films are very, very few and far between. That’s not to shit on any other comedy, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the absolute and objective truth that the Monty Python works are the reigning god of comedy.

And if you love Monty Python’s type of humor, and you are not easily offended, then this is a must watch series. There are things that happen in this series that are often so obscene and borderline offensive that we sometimes wonder, in today’s ridiculously overly-sensitive world, how this show is even able to be aired on Netflix compared to how tame and vanilla Netflix is regarding most of its other shows and series.

Norsemen is a contemporary take on Norse or Viking life, meaning it has a lot of humor and wit taken from today’s world, but the show is entirely based in those old times. However, unlike Monty Python, the characters in Norsemen have a lot of depth, not to mention there is a lot more going on than just constant witty jokes. It’s an almost perfect mix of drama, tragedy, and comedy, all wrapped up in one wonderful experience.

Rules of the Sleep Note

Image of the actual Sleep Note

Hello, dear reader, or should I say, sleeper? After all, you are one who sleeps.

Welcome to the official Rules of the Sleep Note.

I recently discovered this notebook in early October 2021 purely by happenstance while preparing to make another ASMR video on my YouTube channel.

If you want to learn more, or are new here and unfamiliar with what this is all about, please watch the video below. You may also want to look into the Death Note while you’re at it.

And like the Death Note and its related incidents that occurred in Japan in the early 2000’s, the Sleep Note also has rules that explain how it works. I have decided to share some of them here for anyone who is curious, as well as anyone who may not speak or understand English.

Rules of the Sleep Note:

  1. The person whose name is written in the note shall sleep.
  2. The note will not take effect unless the specified questions are asked and the answers written down in the note, and a sketch of the person’s facial features is drawn.
  3. If the time & place of sleep are not specified, the person will sleep at their usual time & place.
  4. If the place where the person is to sleep that is written in the note is not within 20 meters, the person will be teleported to the place once they have fallen asleep. They will also wake up at that new location (i.e. they will not be teleported back to their original location).
  5. The sleep note will affect anyone under 54,750 days old.
  6. If the amount of time the person is to sleep is not specified, the person will sleep for 8 hours undisturbed.
  7. If the amount of time the person is to sleep is days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, etc., the person will sleep straight through without aging or requiring sustenance.
  8. The person in possession of the Sleep Note is possessed by a god of sleep, its original owner, until they die.
  9. The God of Sleep is called a Sleepigami.
  10. If a human uses the note, a god of sleep usually appears in front of the owner within 18 days after using the note.
  11. If anyone or anything other than a human uses the note, it will not work.

That is all for now, I’m starting to feel a little sleepy myself…
– E.R.

Congrats! You’re Still With Us! Certificate of Award

In honor of you still being here with us, for enduring and persevering, I present you with my own homemade certificate of award for such a truly momentous achievement! Feel free to download, print and proudly display whichever version you prefer, or both!

The Tiers of Wellness

My list of the various states of wellness / well being from the bottom of feeling just O.K. to the pinnacle of feeling splentastic!

The Tiers of Wellness

Note: This is not an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of every possible state of well being in existence. For practical purposes, it has been limited to those states of well being that I feel are most commonly used.

Modifiers such as pretty, very, super, absolutely, etc., have been omitted as they would only make the list even longer. Example: Pretty Good, Very Well, Splentastically Splentastic, etc. Not only that, but certain states such as “Pretty Good” can have multiple meanings. “Pretty Good” can mean feeling better than good or not so good, all depending upon context and how it is expressed.