Ephemeral Rift YouTube Channel Plans for the Coming Months

Good now! Here’s my plans/ideas/bucket list for the next few months:

  • Nature Journeys at ~5-10 different locations. Aiming for 1 a week (gotta put that new gimbal to good use!)). Mostly in Pennsylvania, with at least 1 in North Virginia, and possibly taking flights (might be a longshot) to other places like Muir Woods in California.
  • More night themed videos (walkabouts & drives), including a Nature Journey at night in the woods! (should be interesting trying to pull off)
  • Scenic drives, both day & night (maybe get lucky & it rains steadily one night)
  • Aim for 1 camping & campfire video – Macro footage videos (all kinds of bug, but esp. jumping spiders & praying mantis)
  • Wildlife footage videos (one in the works as I write this)
  • More relaxing Nature Scenes (would like to film at a dock, with the calm water lapping at it)
  • Outdoor chats on various topics
  • Any good suggestions by viewers/subscribers (someone mentioned a night walk around a town/city)
  • Possibly doing something spontaneously random & creative outdoors, but no promises/spoilers
  • Anything else outdoors that might spontaneously and organically happen as a result of all this

I can’t imagine I’ll be outdoors making videos the entire rest of 2024, especially when it gets too hot in the summer (my heat & cold tolerance as I get older are are less than when I was younger, though I still love the warmth of the sun more than the cold of winter), but this is where things are meant to be for the coming weeks & months. Besides, everything has already happened, and we’re just catching up. Right?

Eldritch Regards!