Hello! My name is Paul, and I am the godless animal, aka human being, behind this website and the Ephemeral Rift YouTube channel.

Long story short: I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to still be alive and breathing for 45+ years and hopefully counting.

The tldr:

I am the independent, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, one-man-band behind the Ephemeral Rift YouTube channel and the homegrown EphemRadio podcast (which is on hiatus).

I grew up a skinny, shy, awkward, goofy, rebellious Roman Catholic kid in the suburbs west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where I still reside. I have always wanted to be creative, always having been strongly attracted to the arts, but just never had the patience to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, nor did I have that unbridled fire burning within my veins that made me focus on becoming a musician, a writer, a painter, etc. Aside from holding down regular jobs since I was 15, I was into writing amateur song lyrics and poetry as a hobby, teaching myself guitar, learning digital music, but mostly playing video games. All of that stuff never really amounted to anything. So I just worked, played video games, watched TV, went to the movies, and just keep pushing through the muck trying to figure out what it was that would make me happy, outside of having a family of course (but the whole family thing didn’t happen until my mid 30’s).¬†Not to mention the fact that I didn’t know growing up that I was being robbed of my humanity due to the fact that no one in society was teaching me, or almost anyone for that matter, how to be a self-sufficient human being. How to perform life skills and do the things that our hunter-gatherer ancestors once did. The ancient secrets of “being human”! But that is a discussion for a separate day.

I stumbled onto YouTube in September 2011 with the hopes of it being the satisfying creative outlet I was searching for most of my adult life. I was never happy with any of the jobs I ever held, though I was always the good soldier. Call the channel a sandbox, testing ground, or even social experiment, the first videos consisted of time lapse photography of clouds and my amateur playing of the Native American Style Flute. I had no direction for the channel. No plan. Not a great way to start or run a channel, but that’s me: the man without a plan! My only plan every day is to wake up and hopefully still be able to contribute something positive in the world, do something constructive with myself that is satisfying and allows me to afford to get food to eat, pay the mortgage, help raise our son, etc., since I’m not good at hunting and gathering.

I stumbled onto ASMR in the spring of 2012 via someone discovering a particular video on my channel. I went from a this-is-the-thing-I’ve-experienced-all-my-life and consumer of ASMR videos to an ASMR content creator in a matter of weeks. From there, the creative flood gates opened and the rest is history.

I am a husband, dad, godless animal, nature enthusiast, ex-insect macro photographer, foodie, gamer (traditional table top to video games), ex-tobacco smoker (as of ~2005), ex-moderate drinker (sober since late 2017), ex-cannabis smoker (as of ~2005 but could change if it became legal in Pennsylvania), wanna-be stand up comedian / film director / actor, diehard metalhead, nihilist, optimist, cynic, skeptic, critical thinker, free thinker, escapist, philosophy enthusiast, absurdist, humanist, anti-capitalist, part-time anarchist (mostly philosophically), individualist, praying mantis and alien. I would put more nouns and adverbs in here but I think that should give you a good idea as to who I am for now. *Disclaimer: personal philosophy and mindset subject to change at any moment without notice.