Good Now! I hope you’re doing splenfuckingtastic!

Welcome to my 3rd home, the second one being my YouTube channel where I dump all of my creative energy.

I create a wide variety of videos ranging from whisper-quiet, relaxing, traditional & avant-garde ASMR videos to unfiltered, freeform podcasts covering every topic under the sun and beyond.

You can consider me a self-taught, independent, D.I.Y. jack-of-all-trades, man-of-many-hats: father, husband, ex-roman-catholic-turned-non-believer, artist, actor, comedian, critical thinker, freethinker, cynical optimist, unpublished writer/lyricist/poet, photographer, videographer, director, producer, video editor, sound designer, foley artist, audio engineer, costume designer, set designer, prop designer, makeup artist, foodie, gamer, and even a hybrid stoic-nihilist-humanist-naturalist-anarchist who belongs to no group nor ideology.

Oh, and I was diagnosed in 2010 with having an acoustic neuroma in my left ear which led to permanent hearing loss and tinnitus in that ear. So I’m like a modern-day Beethoven, except I suck at making music.

After spending most of my life trying to figure out what the fuck I wanted to do with my life creatively, I stumbled onto the ASMR “genre” on YouTube in the spring of 2012. That’s when I realized the thing I experienced all my life (but no longer do as of around 2018, give or take a year or two) had a name, and the rest is history.

I wonder if this would’ve sounded better in the third person.