Month: October 2017

  • EphemRadio Podcast Episode 57 Weekday Edition 10-31-2017

    EphemRadio Podcast Episode 57 EphemRadio podcast episode #57: I talk about halloween and go on various tangents such as consumerism and trying to stay true to who you are and manifesting your personal philosophy into the real world even when circumstances make it difficult. Then I go over some international news & weather of three […]

  • EphemRadio Podcast Episode 56 Weekend Edition 10-28-2017

    EphemRadio Podcast Episode 56 Weekend Edition 10-28-2017

    EphemRadio Podcast Episode 56 In this weekend edition of the EphemRadio podcast #56 I talk about how we cannot rid ourselves of fear, anxiety and anger but can learn how to manage them by turning their energy into something constructive. Something I’ve talked about in the past, but every so often I like to revisit […]

  • October 2017 Trip to Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia

    Ever been to an anarchist book store? No? Well, read on! I’ve added some photos to my Flickr gallery taken on a trip to the Wooden Shoe Books, the “all volunteer anarchist collective” book store located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia at their new location directly on South Street. You can view the […]

  • EphemRadio Podcast Episode 55 Weekday Edition 10-24-2017

    EphemRadio Podcast Episode 55 I start the podcast by getting back to movies opening in major theaters and then go over the weather and local news of a few foreign cities such as Kyoto, Japan and Guayaquil, Ecuador. I then share my thoughts about public executions, medieval torture, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, being parents that […]

  • EphemRadio Podcast Episode 54 Weekend Edition 10-21-2017

    EphemRadio Podcast Episode 54 Saturday, October 21st I created the first weekend episode of the podcast which may become a routine since I seem to be gathering momentum in regards to having plenty to talk about. In this episode #54 I talk about: my trip to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania, including its history […]