Snowy Egret perching on a pier, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, May 2022
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A Wildlife Photography Day Trip to Bombay Hook NWR

About my wildlife photography day trip to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, Delaware, USA, in May 2022.

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Mating Baltimore Orioles (Yet Another Lucky Moment Captured)

A pair of mating Baltimore Orioles that I just happened to stumble upon. One of those right place, right time…

Look! It’s not a Bird!

It’s almost 2 weeks that I’ve owned my first long lens, the Sony 200-600mm, as well as the Sony A7…

Bald Eagle Tries to Snatch Fish Away from Osprey

I believe the eagle did eventually acquire the fish, from what I was told by some other park visitors, but…

I’m Back on Social Media for 1 Primary Purpose

I left twitter, facebook and instagram like… I dunno… 2-3 years ago now? It was the January of either 2019…

2 More House Finch Hatchlings Have Arrived!

The image below was captured from my smartphone on May 3rd. It appears to show 3 hatchlings in the nest….

Our First House Finch Hatchling of 2022!

The first baby bird, or what’s called a “hatchling” at this stage, has, well.. hatched! Below is an image taken…