A Wildlife Photography Day Trip to Bombay Hook NWR

I took a day trip in May 2022 to visit the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, Delaware, USA, for wildlife photography purposes. I have no idea where you reside and whether or not you are familiar with the Mid-Atlantic region here in the United States, but there are a large number of wildlife refuges that one can visit. Not only here in this region, but up and down the East Coast, as well as throughout the entirety of the United States.

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Mating Baltimore Orioles (Yet Another Lucky Moment Captured)

A pair of mating Baltimore Orioles that I just happened to stumble upon. One of those right place, right time kind of moments. This is just another prime example of what happens when you go outdoors, slow down, and take the time to observe the things that unfold around you. You don’t even need expensive photography equipment to see this stuff when a pair of binoculars will suffice! I am very fortunate to be able to afford the camera equipment that I have (all of my recent wildlife photos have been taken using the Sony 200-600mm lens), but even luckier to be able to witness some of these moments that we just don’t often see due to our busy lives.

These are the moments I live for, whether something like this, a bee getting nectar from a flower, etc. It makes walking around in the heat or cold for 4-6 hours worth it!

View the entire series on my Instagram account.

Look! It’s not a Bird!

It’s almost 2 weeks that I’ve owned my first long lens, the Sony 200-600mm, as well as the Sony A7 IV, and the local places I’ve been visiting are chock full of all kinds of wildlife, mostly birds. So my focus (pun not intended) has been up in the trees and the sky, rarely on the ground, unless I spot a bird on the ground, a turtle, or something moving.

Young Buck with Antlers in the Woods of Pennsylvania

So as I was walking along a certain tract of the Tinicum wildlife refuge, I happened to spot this young buck. Obviously, it saw me long before I saw it. So I pointed my camera at it and remained as still as possible, hoping it would go back to doing it’s business so I could capture a candid shot, but that just never happened. It was not far off the main path, so I could have backed up and walked further away, but that thought never crossed my mind. Well, there’s always next time as there is no shortage of deer around here!

Bald Eagle Tries to Snatch Fish Away from Osprey

I believe the eagle did eventually acquire the fish, from what I was told by some other park visitors, but I missed that moment. Bummer! But there’s always next time, right!? ;)

You can view the series of images on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdntc4SuX8m/

Bald Eagle Tries to Snatch Fish Away from Osprey

These are the cool moments you get to witness when you take the time to look around, and let your eyes and ears get tuned in and adjusted to what’s going on around you. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to make observations like these, especially if you’re not into photography. An inexpensive pair of binoculars will do just fine. These images are extreme crops, and were captured on a cloudy day.

I’m Back on Social Media for 1 Primary Purpose

I left twitter, facebook and instagram like… I dunno… 2-3 years ago now? It was the January of either 2019 or 2020. I left either before COVID broke out, or the year prior. And I didn’t leave for any certain reason other than why most people leave social media: to get away from the nonsense.

Well this time I’m back and plan to focus only on sharing nature & wildlife photography that I plan to capture from here on out, when time affords, using some new gear that I acquired.

A new video related to all this will be published to my channel starting May 12 (2022) at 3PM EST.

I don’t really plan on using instagram or twitter like I did in the past, and I hope I can avoid all the pitfalls associated with social media. I feel confident that I can. Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself that such a thing is possible…

Oh and I don’t plan on returning to Facebook. Twitter is bad enough.

Anyway, see you around,


2 More House Finch Hatchlings Have Arrived!

The image below was captured from my smartphone on May 3rd. It appears to show 3 hatchlings in the nest. They are all jumble together with their heads down so it’s difficult to be certain, but it appears that of the 4 eggs total only 1 remains, so, fingers crossed for the final baby to arrive! Again, I captured video which shows they are alive and which I will be compiling and posting on my channel around May 10-12.

3 House Finch Hatchlings – 1 Egg Remains – May 2022

Our First House Finch Hatchling of 2022!

The first baby bird, or what’s called a “hatchling” at this stage, has, well.. hatched! Below is an image taken from video that was captured with a smartphone (I have to extend my arm all the way up and blindly take a photo pointing down). And yes, it’s alive! The video this image is from shows the hatchling moving around just a little bit. I planned to post this short video to my YouTube channel with some commentary, however, since we hope/expect the other 3 eggs to hatch (since they’ve been incubating for about 2 weeks) I am not going to upload individual short videos of each hatchling to my channel. Instead, I’m going to try and capture multiple videos of each newly hatched chick, create 1 video out of all the short videos, include some relaxing commentary, and then upload it to my channel around the following week. The plan is to upload these “progress” videos every 2 weeks until, hopefully if all goes well, the chicks and their mother have successfully flown the coop! Then I’ll clean out the light fixture and maybe a new pair will make it a nest before mating season is over in 2022, or hopefully it’ll be used again next year!

So, 1 down, 3 to go! Fingers crossed!

Mother bird flew away as I approached the nest in order to take quick photo/video and leave so as not to disturb things for too long. And again, in case you are new here: this nest was built inside a light fixture that is not used outside the garage of our house.

Our First House Finch Hatchling – May 2022