Our First House Finch Hatchling of 2022!

The first baby bird, or what’s called a “hatchling” at this stage, has, well.. hatched! Below is an image taken from video that was captured with a smartphone (I have to extend my arm all the way up and blindly take a photo pointing down). And yes, it’s alive! The video this image is from shows the hatchling moving around just a little bit. I planned to post this short video to my YouTube channel with some commentary, however, since we hope/expect the other 3 eggs to hatch (since they’ve been incubating for about 2 weeks) I am not going to upload individual short videos of each hatchling to my channel. Instead, I’m going to try and capture multiple videos of each newly hatched chick, create 1 video out of all the short videos, include some relaxing commentary, and then upload it to my channel around the following week. The plan is to upload these “progress” videos every 2 weeks until, hopefully if all goes well, the chicks and their mother have successfully flown the coop! Then I’ll clean out the light fixture and maybe a new pair will make it a nest before mating season is over in 2022, or hopefully it’ll be used again next year!

So, 1 down, 3 to go! Fingers crossed!

Mother bird flew away as I approached the nest in order to take quick photo/video and leave so as not to disturb things for too long. And again, in case you are new here: this nest was built inside a light fixture that is not used outside the garage of our house.

Our First House Finch Hatchling – May 2022