The Splentastic Adventures of the Ephemeral Rift PFP!

Hahaha, ever since I launched my channel way back in 2011 I always enjoyed changing the PFP every so often, sometimes out of boredom, sometimes to exercise my creativity.

As of late 2023 I believe it was, once again I decided to have fun and get a little creative with the PFP by taking 2 photos of myself and merge them together to create a simple thought provoking piece. Color vs Black & White, excited vs stoic, yin and yang, etc., etc.,

But after shaving my beard off and getting my hair cut short, I realized the PFP was no longer relevant. So, instead of changing the PFP once again to a completely different image, I decided to “break” the PFP into pieces as it falls apart, slowly changing into something, which I have no idea what, and which will take place once a month over the coming months and maybe I’ll never stop!

It’s like a story that will slowly unfold on my channel’s PFP. Or maybe not a story but just randomness and chaos, who knows, because I sure as hell don’t, and if everything has already happened then only the universe and time itself knows how this all plays out.