Krill Your Shelf, Krill Yourself, or Krill Someone or Something Else!

Infomercial voice: Have you always wanted to krill your shelf, krill yourself, or krill someone or something else, but just never had the krill to do it? Well now’s your chance!

Step 1: Download / Save the krill image below. Save it as .PNG if you can, because it has a transparent background. Image is for personal and meme use only, not for commercial purposes.

Step 2: Take a photo of your shelf, yourself, someone else (as long as you have their permission) or something else (the sky, a squirrel, random trash, etc.) or even find an online image or other meme that you have permission to use.

Step 3: Open your favorite image editing app or program. Place the krill image over the subject in the image that you want to krill as seen below.

Examples of people and things being krilled, starting from top left: Pet Potato, Karl Marx, Deep One Dave, Corvus & Margaret Clemmons, Grumpy Cat, Ephemeral Rift:

Krilled people & things starting from top left: Pet Potato, Carl Marx, Deep One Dave, Corvus & Margaret Clemmons, Grumpy Cat, Ephemeral Rift

Step 4: Voila! You’ve just krilled your shelf, yourself, or someone or something else! Now sit back and enjoy the lols!

Step 5 (Optional): Upload the image of whatever you just krilled, whether you krilled your shelf, krilled yourself, or krilled someone or something else, to the official Krill Your Shelf subreddit here: or to your favorite social media site such as Instagram, Twitter, etc, as long as you have permission and it follows all the rules and guidelines of those services.

Wondering how this all started? Watch the video below:

Disclaimer: I’m writing this disclaimer because I feel like I need to, in a “society” that is becoming, in my opinion, ridiculously overly sensitive (in certain areas) and ever more fake and hypocritical as the days and years go on. I also know some of my fellow modern apes can’t take a joke. Now, while the phrase “krill your shelf” and “krill yourself” may seem very similar to another phrase that does not contain the letter R, “krill your shelf” and “krill yourself” are not veiled or subversive attempts to promote, encourage or condone self harm and violence. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not that guy. I may not like a lot of things about society, but I never wish anyone harm. This is a smart, witty, play on words. Just like any comedian has done before, from Lenny Bruce to George Carlin to Monty Python, this is nothing more than taking something very serious and adding a comedic effect to it in order to deescalate it and to create a sense of empowerment over it. I mean, do I really need to explain how comedy works? Besides, people have said much worse. And I’d be lying if it wasn’t an attempt to poke fun at a phrase that you shouldn’t poke fun at. Now in that case, I am that guy – the one to make jokes about things that society or social norms say you shouldn’t joke about, except I know to draw the line at things like self harm, cancer, homophobic slurs, racism and their ilk. With that said, while this is poking fun at the phrase, this is not poking fun at the serious nature behind it and those impacted by it. And by “it” I mean that other phrase that lacks the letter R. Besides, I’ve had those very serious thoughts about wanting to krill myself, minus the letter R. I’ve been through that mental torture and anguish, so I’ve earned the right to make this joke. Not only that, but I’ve even created some videos talking about it and various mental health issues on my YouTube channel. Actually, one of the goals of my channel is to help anyone going through tough times, not just experience ASMR and relax or sleep.

Lastly, I am not responsible for how anyone uses the above krill image. I encourage that it only be used in a smart, witty and comedic manner that does not encourage, promote or condone self harm, violence, hate, etc.

Now, with all that being said, why don’t you go krill yourself!
– Paul, aka Ephemeral Rift

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