ERP #35 – 🤘 Metal 🤘 (music)

Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 35 where I talk all things Metal (music) from what it is, its history, the subgenres & their musicians, notable albums, and even how therapeutic it can be. Transcript of this episode available for my patrons:

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ERP #34 – Dungeons & Dragons

Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 34 where I talk all things Dungeons & Dragons, including what it is, how it’s played, a brief history of role-playing and D&D, what inspired D&D, what D&D inspired, and reading some excerpts from the Player’s Guide and Monster Manual.

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ERP #33 – Philosophy (First in a New Series)

Ephemeral Rift Podcast episode 33 can be considered both an introduction to philosophy as well as a stepping stone for future episodes on specific philosophies/philosophers. In this episode I talk about the beneficial nature of philosophy, some definitions, quotes about it, a list of 100 notable philosophers, the names of all philosophies, a brief history, some related tangents, and responding to a couple messages.

Partial transcript of this episode now available on my Patreon page here:

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Netflix’s Norsemen is an Absolute Fucking Hilarious Modern Day Monty Python

My wife and I just started watching this series which apparently has been out for like 2-3 years now. How we missed it is beyond me.

All we know is that it’s the best comedy series we have seen in a long time, since the likes of Seinfeld, The Office (American version), and the movie The Hangover.

Great comedies today that are on par with the god-like nature of Monty Python’s films are very, very few and far between. That’s not to shit on any other comedy, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the absolute and objective truth that the Monty Python works are the reigning god of comedy.

And if you love Monty Python’s type of humor, and you are not easily offended, then this is a must watch series. There are things that happen in this series that are often so obscene and borderline offensive that we sometimes wonder, in today’s ridiculously overly-sensitive world, how this show is even able to be aired on Netflix compared to how tame and vanilla Netflix is regarding most of its other shows and series.

Norsemen is a contemporary take on Norse or Viking life, meaning it has a lot of humor and wit taken from today’s world, but the show is entirely based in those old times. However, unlike Monty Python, the characters in Norsemen have a lot of depth, not to mention there is a lot more going on than just constant witty jokes. It’s an almost perfect mix of drama, tragedy, and comedy, all wrapped up in one wonderful experience.

Why the Right to Vote is a Fucking Joke

Here in the United States, we the sheeple have this super power called “the right to vote”. Ooooooo… pretty fucking amazing, riiiiiiight?????

Well think again! When you get down to it, voting is nothing more than deciding who the next overpaid, lazy, egomaniacal, unhinged, sociopathic, corrupt, elitist jailor will be. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

How anyone can be proud of, or even celebrate this “right to vote” in this kind of system is baffling to my meager intellect.

Want more proof? Check this out: in the magical land known as Texas, some evil human beings drafted up and passed legislature that makes abortions illegal.


As the title states: Fucking. Joke.

I’ve said this for years, especially in some of my podcast episodes (I don’t remember which ones specifically), regarding how we do not have any say when it comes to the laws that get passed. Actually, now that I think of it, it was one of the episodes of my former, now defunct EphemRadio podcast where I said this exact same thing around the time (well maybe a year or so later, I can’t remember exactly) when same-sex marriage was banned. Guess what? Here we are again!

This is not how any society or form of government should work. Every citizen should be informed on, and have the right to vote on, every single law that is proposed for legislature. That, my dear readers, is true democracy. With that in mind, this is how the Texas abortion legislature should have gone down: “Hey folks, we want to ban abortions. What do you say?” Then everyone eligible to vote in the U.S. gets to cast their vote and the people would have truly spoken. (And no, this article of mine is not a knee jerk reaction to anything, especially the Texas abortion ban. And speaking of abortion, a woman can decide what to do with her body, including the fetus. That’s just basic freedom inherent with being an organism.)

The reason we don’t get to vote on the legislature is then we would actually have real power. And if we had that kind of real power, guess what? We don’t need politicians. Sooooooo… put 2 and 2 together and you get this closed system where the people in power, the politicians, get to keep their comfy overpaid jobs while maintaining complete control over our lives and can pass any kind of legislation they want without our input. Not to mention all the corruption involved when it comes to shady deals made behind doors with companies and corporations, or even other governments.

The citizens in the U.S., and actually anywhere across the globe where some form of organized body of government exists, have absolutely zero agency, autonomy, self-reliance or independence whatsoever, unlike our primitive ancestors once had when they were free to hunt, gather and roam the lands, setting up shop wherever they wanted without ever having to pay rent or taxes. You know: extortion.

Want to go fishing or hunting? Extortion! Need to buy a license! And then the government has further laws on what kind of fish you can actually keep. Of course, if you live in the big city, the only fishing or hunting you’re most likely going to do is at the nearest restaurant or market where the murder is already done for you. This goes for the suburbanites too, but they usually have easier and better access to hunting and fishing than most folks living in the inner cities.

What to build a hut in a forest? Sorry, you can’t do that! It’s “sacred” land that is now owned by the state government, which was once “owned” by the Native Americans before the colonials massacred them, committed genocide against them, kicked them off the land that was theirs to begin with, and pushed them onto reservations and then gave them alcohol, gambling and poverty as parting gifts.

What to build a house on land that is not owned by the state? Well you’ll have to buy it from someone because no free land exists anymore to begin with, except maybe somewhere in the remote Alaskan forests. Any land in a prime area worth living is owned by someone, mostly likely a bank or realtor.

And these are just the examples that cover the basic necessities of human existence!

In other words: you can’t live freely anywhere in the United States, whether that means obtaining food freely like our ancestors once did, or living in a home freely, without paying rent or taxes. Again: extortion.

You have to pay to play. Pay both the government and the banks.

And what’s worse is that every single politician that has ever been and will ever be in office supports this system. As if this is somehow an acceptable norm.

Tell me again how it is acceptable that every other organism on this planet lives in true freedom, yet we modern apes with our supposed big brains continue to enslave one another and then have the gall to label it democracy?

I know, I know, “it would be much worse!” living under a fascist dictatorship. Sure, it was worse for the Jews under the Nazi regime. I get it. No one wants that. It was also bad for folks under certain Communist regimes. Hell, you can go all throughout the history of the human race wherever society existed and find nightmare situations such as human sacrifice performed by certain ancient societies.

No matter the degree of rule, whether democratic or fascist, organized governing bodies will always be a problem no matter where you go.

But here in the U.S., this so-called democratic government is not that far off from being a fascist dictatorship. These few wealthy, sociopathic, egomaniacal, lazy elites called politicians got into office by way of financial funding from various companies. They were bought and elected under the guise of democratic voting.

Politicians do absolutely zero work. The actual work in society is done by the citizens: the underpaid and overworked cashiers, the overworked nurses, the construction workers, etc. while the political parasites live a very easy, lazy, comfortable, priveleged life while putting on a big show and parade about how much they are going to work for us!

Work for us? Politicians work!? What kind of ridiculous rhetoric is that? Politicians are no different than actors: they’re both great liars.

So the only power us citizens actually have, as I stated above, is voting on who the next zookeeper will be while not having any say in the laws that these zookeepers will pass.

How the fuck is that democratic at all?!?

“Okay, Mr. Ephemeral Rift, if you’re so smart, what do you think we should do? How should voting really work?” Well I’m glad you asked because it’s quite simple! With today’s technology, whenever any politician is proposing legislature, the final draft is made publicly available online and every citizen who is eligible to vote gets a text or email with access to the legislation which they can cast their vote on, no matter how small or big the legislation is, and no matter which county or state.

“What!? That’s ridiculous! People have to work! I don’t know how to read laws! They’re complex! Who has time for all that? You’re nuts!” Well you may be right about that last part, I mean look at me! I’m writing this article and making sense as I bring to light a major flaw in the system that hardly anyone ever talks about.

Do you want a truly democratic system or not?

Well?? Do you?????

Do you want a system where politicians truly answer to the people, where laws like abortion bans, same-sex marriage bans, or who knows what else can never see the light of day? Then guess what! This is the kind of open system that you’re going to need, as well as the responsibility that comes with it!

Sorry, we don’t get to have our cake and eat it too! If we don’t want the ability and responsibility to vote on the laws that are proposed for legislature, then we have to live with being a slave to the system and susceptible to all kinds of laws being passed, and for corrupt politicians to get into office, and things will never, ever truly change.

Just imagine if every citizen in the U.S. had the ability to vote by phone or the internet on the Texas abortion ban. It mostly likely wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

This is just one of the myriad reasons why I don’t vote even though I probably maaaaybe should. It’s the only way I can boycott a system that’s flawed, corrupt and needs to go away just like organized religion. It’s not because I want to engage in illegal behavior. Quite the contrary! Fuck, it’s not even about me! It’s about true freedom. About getting rid of government and going back to how we should live like our ancestors once did. In theory it works, but in all practicality, unfortunately and sadly enough, I think we’re too far gone for that to ever be a reality.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and be safe,
– Paul

ERP #32 – Mixed Bag #3

I cover a variety of topics and go on some related tangents mostly in response to listener & viewner messages: Commuting to Work, The 2019 film “Color Out of Space”, The 2021 film “Old Henry”, The video game “Carrion”, Non-believers & morality, “Water on a duck’s back”, Violence in video games (and violence in general), (U.S.) Government: overreach & control; necessity & helpfulness, Afghanistan’s pros & cons, Australia’s weather, What to do with your life/passion, Ending up being alone.

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