Month: October 2018

  • Thoughts on Making a Murderer Season 1 Netflix Series

    Innocent until proven guilty. First off, there are some spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t yet watched the Netflix series Making a Murderer. Here is the Wikipedia link to the series. This is probably the first time I’ve ever felt so consumed about the subject of a TV show or film that I felt […]

  • The Flux Between Fantasy & Reality

    There are 2 ways in which we go about our daily existence: sober on reality and drunk on fantasy. How often do we drift between these two mental states throughout the day? One moment we are aware and paying attention to our environment and surroundings, most often at school or job, a split second later […]

  • What About the Native Americans?

    Hello dear stranger, I hope you are doing well. If you have a few moments of your time, this article is split into 2 sections: the first being about how Native Americans do not receive their fair share of representation and support compared to other social and world issues, and the second being my personal […]

  • Grainding and While of Reslantering the

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  • How to Setup a Website in 7 Easy Steps Using WordPress

    Let Your Voice Be Heard and Your Art Seen! I am a huge proponent of free knowledge, knowledge-sharing and empowering people, so I’ve decided to write up this simple text-only, high-level (not in great detail) tutorial with 7 easy steps to show you how simple it can be to setup a website to the point […]

  • All My Heroes are Dead

    A week or so before this post, I was thinking about how all the people I have admired over the years, whether as a kid or adult, are dead (and how any remaining “heroes” that are still alive today are dead on a metaphorical level, but that’s another story). So I whipped up this whimsical […]

  • New Margaret merch available!

    You can now get Margaret on your socks, leggings, mug, smartphone case and more! This is a more recent design than what was previously available. I did a recent photo shoot of Margaret, performed some Photoshop witchery, and added her to the Teespring and Spreadshirt shops.

  • Have a Splentastic Day!

    A little message I created that just so happends to be the ultimate combo! Better than great, greater than splendid, and far more splendid than fantastic!

  • Modern Humans are Displaced Hunter Gatherers

    You want to know why you’re bored and have nothing meaningful to do? Why you can’t sit still? Why certain school subjects or tasks at your job do not keep your attention very long? Why you’re frustrated because you have to work a job you might despise and hate so you can pay rent, utilities and buy food? […]

  • Why “Good People” in Today’s Society are the Only Ones Deserving of an Award (Essay & Analysis)

    Ephemeral Rift: Please open your hand. Reader: [opens hand] ER: [Places salt grain into hand, then gently closes reader’s hand].  Think of all the major awards that we hand out in today’s society. The people that get them don’t deserve them. (Psst: now would be a good time for you to start using that grain […]

  • The Story behind Alien Encounter ASMR

    Once upon a time, back in October 2018, I was sitting down for lunch eating my usual beef pot pie, or maybe it was chicken pot pie, I can’t remember exactly. I think I had water to drink along with it, although it may have been iced tea. I don’t know if I also had […]

  • The Myth of Community and How It Doesn’t Exist

    Are we truly social creatures? Did community ever truly exist? Or are we simply driven by self-interest and that’s the only reason we engage with one another? I may be an idealist, but I’m definitely a realist and I know the difference between fact and fiction (though ever since I was a kid I found […]