All My Heroes are Dead

A week or so before this post, I was thinking about how all the people I have admired over the years, whether as a kid or adult, are dead (and how any remaining “heroes” that are still alive today are dead on a metaphorical level, but that’s another story). So I whipped up this whimsical image as a tribute to the various godless animals that had an impacted on me and often contributed to my not wanting to put a bullet in my head over all the shitty antics the human race pulls on a consistent daily basis.

Starting from top left: Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Fred Rogers, Jeff Hanneman, Alan Watts, Socrates (just to pick one of the many philosophers I’ve enjoyed reading about such asĀ Diogenes), Gene Wilder, Lemmy, Jim Henson and Kurt Cobain (okay, not so much a hero like the others but I feel still worth putting in this group).