We’ve Been Doing Birthdays Wrong – How To Find, Fix & Celebrate Your True Birthday

The notion of the birthday was invented approximately 3,000 years ago when we were much dumber than we are today

It first occurred to me sometime in the past decade or so that our birthday is actually the day we are conceived, which happens about 10 months prior to the date we are delivered. This means that we are actually 10 months older than we think.

The date we are delivered means nothing. It’s just a random date that happens to occur when we move from inside to outside the womb. We are not “born” on our delivery date. Does the delivery date make it simpler and easier to document? Yes, but it’s bad logic to assume that we are 1 day old on our delivery date, when in fact we are approximately, in most cases, 10 months old.

On our first birthday we are not 1 year old but rather 22 months old; almost 2 years old already.

Therefore, to correct this antiquated, outdated system of dumb logic, I created the simple chart / outline in the image below, so that anyone can find their true and correct birthdate.

Going forward, the world and all of its systems and records, official or otherwise, should start adopting this system, with additional thought on how to account for early/premature births.