Mating Baltimore Orioles (Yet Another Lucky Moment Captured)

A pair of mating Baltimore Orioles that I just happened to stumble upon. One of those right place, right time kind of moments. This is just another prime example of what happens when you go outdoors, slow down, and take the time to observe the things that unfold around you. You don’t even need expensive photography equipment to see this stuff when a pair of binoculars will suffice! I am very fortunate to be able to afford the camera equipment that I have (all of my recent wildlife photos have been taken using the Sony 200-600mm lens), but even luckier to be able to witness some of these moments that we just don’t often see due to our busy lives.

These are the moments I live for, whether something like this, a bee getting nectar from a flower, etc. It makes walking around in the heat or cold for 4-6 hours worth it!

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