Civilization is Cancer (I Was Right All Along)

I recorded the video below back in 2018, 5 years ago (as of the date of this post). I don’t recall anything I said, or the exact reason as to the inspiration behind this video and idea, but I do know that I came to my own conclusion and it wasn’t based off of anything else I may have been reading or watching at the time.

Fast forward to today (date of this post) and around the beginning of November 2023 I just discovered and started reading the book Against Civilization: Readings and Reflections by John Zerzan, both of which (the book and author) I didn’t know existed until now.

I was thinking the things that led to me creating this video, and 5 years later I discover the above book and author who says the same things, who cites many other people also saying the same things.

It’s weird how things work. How things come full circle. How often we think we’re alone with thoughts that are often not mainstream, or go against the herd mentality, then you find other people thinking the same things, and it’s such a satisfactory “Eureka!” type of feeling.

I plan on revisiting this idea and trekking out to the woods to record an “update” of sorts, as I’ve become more objective-minded and have gained more knowledge and insight on this subject since 2018.