It’s Time to Limit How Much of Everything Humans Can Consume

(This is a work in progress, but for the time being I need to get this out of my head because it’s been festering like a maggot in an open wound)

With 8 billion of us and counting, with our species being a drain on earth’s resources from livestock to oil and everything else in between, since we cannot return to the simplistic nature of hunter-foragers/hunter-gatherers, then something must be done to limit the unchecked daily consumption which our species engages in.

No, sorry, we don’t get to have as much as we want of anything and everything.

Alcohol & Tobacco Products: Time to introduce a method, perhaps an Alcohol & Tobacco card like a hunting license, where humans are limited to consuming X amount of alcohol & tobacco per day/week/month, however it should be implemented. No more going to the beer & wine store, the beverage center, or even the bar to consume as much alcohol as you please.

Why? (Really, we need to ask why?) 1: Health reasons 2: Safety of everyone, including others (i.e. DUI’s, car car ccidents, births, etc.) 3: Being an unnecessary drain on the healthcare industry. There might be other reasons but for now these are the primary concerns.

Meat products: time to limit the consumption of how much meat people can consume. I don’t know the answer, but perhaps X pounds of beef/chicken/turkey/etc. Maybe humans get another card, call it the Meat Card. Also, let’s eliminate all the junk meat products like beef jerky, Spam, etc.

Events selling alcohol, tobacco & meat products: Whether it’s the NFL, NBA, MBL, soccer, concerts, etc., there should no longer be any alcohol, tobacco, and meat products sold at events. Let the event be about the event itself.

Oil, natural gas, etc.: We probably need to stop this as well. But because so many people and their livelihoods rely on transportation, what’s the alternative? This one is tricky.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. Can you imagine the masses, especially here in the United States, being told they abou these limitations? There would probably be riots in the streets.

But this is what needs to happen. If not this, then something else. We can’t continue forward down this path of juvenile behavior and reckless abandon with consuming as much as we want.

Maybe I’ll come back to this to add more to it and refine it, etc.