An Apology Regarding My Use of the N Word

About a week prior to the date of this post, I used the N word (ending in “a”) on twitter, as well as in some replies to comments on my YouTube channel. I also have an article up about it here on my website, which provides full context behind the tweets.

I’ll never say the N word again, and this post can also be considered my apology to anyone offended and/or are sensitive to it (I also wrote an apology on twitter).

My honest intent was never to use it with ill intent, to be malicious, to be racist, to spread racism, etc. While most people don’t know me (except for those that kind of know me from my YouTube videos), you’ll have to take my word for it when I say: I’m not racist (nor is anyone in my family).

This apology is not the case of me being “a white guy trying to get away with saying the N word”. Nor is this a case of me trying to “save face” in order to avoid be “cancelled”. I honestly don’t give a fuck about being “cancelled” or what people think of me. This is strictly an apology to those who are sensitive and found it offensive. I am no longer the sensitive individual I once was, but that doesn’t mean I’ve grown completely insensitive. Well, at least not yet while I still have full control over my wits a I sit here and write this at 52 years old, and only getting older.

I don’t like using any slurs (especially gay slurs), or even the R word (the latter has occasionally made it to my twitter, perhaps against my better judgement as well) because I know they are offensive. But for some reason I wasn’t applying this same… logic, I guess we could say, when it comes to the N word, even though I know I really shouldn’t say it. Again, it was never the case of me trying to get away with saying it. Though there may have been some arrogance on my part in thinking I can say it even if I’m not racist.

I am leaving the “Pussy N***as” article up my website, not just because it contains a true story/anecdote, but more importantly it gives context as to why I starting saying the N word in the first place. I’m also leaving it up because I still stand behind everything I wrote in that article in regards to the questions it raises.

TLDR; I said the N word (soft “a”) several times, probably against my better judgement, though it was never with ill intent or to be malicious, and I sincerely apologize to anyone offended by it and/or who may be sensitive to it.