the sleep poem (ASMR)

the sleep poem (ASMR)
by ephemeral rift
(copyright 2023 to infinity all rights reserved)

good now,
i hope you are doing well,
whoever and wherever you are,
whether you live
in my own home state,
or live somewhere else quite far,
i may not be the world’s greatest poet,
my vocabulary may be quite limited,
but there is one thing that i am quite certain,
i’m not so bad at walking and eating
but this little poem of mine
isn’t at all about yours truly,
it’s about whoever is watching this
who’s restless mind is quite unruly.
you’ll have to forgive me
as this is all off the top of my head,
for the entire point of this video
is for you to sleep well in your bed.

hopefully you are beginning to feel tired,
even though you have no wheels,
perhaps your eyelids are getting so heavy,
like 39,458 banana peels.
as i have already stated,
my vocabulary is quite basic,
however i do know a few big words
like big, huge and gigantic.
i wonder whatever i shall write next,
as i’m just letting my unconscious flow,
which is a reference to Carl Jung
who you may or may not know.
It doesn’t really matter whatever it is I write,
the only thing that does
is that we sleep well this very night.
will you have nightmares
or pleasant blissful dreams?
or will an eldritch horror
tear your tired soul from its very seams.
i hate the english language,
for making me question myself,
it’s so broken and in disrepair,
that we should just put it up on a shelf,
where it can stay for all eternity,
collecting dust and becoming lost to time,
as we create an entire new language,
that’s so much easier to rhyme.
it’s the lack of logic and inconsistency
that frustrates me the most,
it’s kind of like
how sometimes you end up burning your toast.
as you can see i’m not really quite sure what i should write next,
i don’t even know of any words that rhyme with next.
i hope by now you are very tired,
perhaps on the verge of sleep,
i also hope that by the end of this video,
you will have fallen asleep.
but there is the possibility
you’re not here to sleep at all,
rather you just want
to get some tingles and relax.
kloptha vlarkim turyullo grob flot wamthkar ,
shabalakanartha plim grum quanlotakshar,
these are the ancient words spoken by the old ones,
i cannot tell you what they mean
or else we might get devoured.
f r t y h j b,
o x a h l w p,
q q q q q q q,
u u u u u u u.
shapes, sounds, symbols,
letters, words and meanings,
sadly, i cannot think of anything
to rhyme with the word meanings.
pebble pebble pebble pebble,
pebble pebble pebble, pebble
pebble pebble pebble,
blue red yellow pebble.
oh and by the way,
i know you may be wondering,
where corvus margaret and the gang have gone,
and if you’ll see them again,
the only thing that i can tell you,
is that blongle shopra klarthamew ,
yongo porkru yerfle,
if you are not careful,
you may just glopp the plerful.
you see,
when you open your eyes,
you hear,
when you listen,
you walk,
when you move your legs,
the morning dew on the grass does glisten.
everything is everything,
everywhere around us,
planes, trains, and automobiles,
lettuce not forget the bus.
once again, as i look at you,
i hope you are fast asleep,
unless like i said before
you’re not here to get any sleep.
pee pee poo poo 69 420,
a lot of people think that’s dumb,
but to me it is quite humorous.
perhaps i should have scripted this,
or thought it out much better,
but when it comes to giving a fuck,
i’m all out of that letter.
i don’t know,
that’s the only word i could think,
to rhyme with the word letter.
of course there are other words,
like better getter and netter,
but their meaning don’t make much sense,
so i used the same word twice.
chatha klornush flibl yorb,
wungja plimshu omgloob,
frinklu chasha garthu vrolf,
yibyib aparantho throob.
those words that you just heard,
are meant to cast a spell,
but what exactly will happen,
we’ll have to wait and see.
frogs and birds, grass and bones,
water and books,
gravity and stones,
these are things that exist
in this world in which we live,
but if you do not take anything,
you will have nothing to give.
these words that i write for you,
you may or may not understand,
especially if you are someone,
living in russia or japan,
where english is not your first language
so this all may seem like gibberish,
but that’s okay because all that matters,
is that you are relaxed or even fast asleep.
i think that i have typed enough,
and i am running out of steam,
so i am very sad to say,
that this video must come to an end.
so hopefully you have found,
some peace of mind and sleep,
some tingles even perhaps content,
so i will try not to make another peep.
now i must say goodbye,
and hope to see you again,
until that time presents itself,
this will not be the end.
poopoo peepee
69 420