On the Value of Life: How the Livestock Holocaust is Far Worse Than the Totality of Humanity’s Wars

Ethics. Morals. Values. Critical thinking (namely Objectivity and Perspective). Keep these in mind my dear reader, employ them even, as you continue…

In my previous article “The Holocaust Happened, But It’s No Big Deal Compared to the Daily Livestock Holocaust“, I wrote how the deaths of approximately 6 million humans (Jews) during World War 2 pales in comparison to the ~70-90 billion livestock animals killed each year in today’s society, or the “Livestock Holocaust” as I like to call it. Those are facts: the holocaust happened, the number of livestock killed daily/annually on a global scale is a holocaust, and the unfathomable number of animals killed since the invention of livestock and factory farming or even during the course of 1 year makes the Jewish Holocaust, or any other war, look amateur in comparison. Even the World War 2 death toll (approximately 80 million people killed) doesn’t even equal to 1 day’s worth of livestock deaths.

With this article, I expand my scope beyond the Jewish Holocaust to include all wars as far back as we have record. I gathered the data that is publicly available at Wikipedia at the following page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_by_death_toll. The first thing I did was extract all the numbers and their associated wars from the various tables and put them into a spreadsheet (using LibreCalc). Then I simply added (SUM’d) up the numbers. The table is at the bottom of this article.

Voila! The total number of human lives lost in all wars since 550 BC equals approximately 588,476,677 or 588 million, 476 thousand and 677. That equates to ~230,775 human lives lost to war every year over the span of ~2,570 years (550 BC to 2023, the date of this article). This number is an approximation. It could be slightly or significantly higher or lower, due to some death tolls being a range and I chose the greater number of the two, or due to undocumented wars, not accounting for acts of terrorism, etc., etc. For all intents and purposes we could increase the number to 1 billion and it still wouldn’t matter much.

Do you know how many livestock animals are killed every single day? 252,054,794 or 252 million, 54 thousand and 794, based off of the approximate ~90 billion livestock animals killed annually as of 2023. So even if the total number of human deaths by war (588 million+) is wrong due to missing data, miscalculation, etc., we can easily increase that number to 1 billion and it still wouldn’t compare to the ongoing livestock holocaust.

Once again I reiterate: human lives lost in all wars is a drop in the bucket, no big deal, pales in comparison, etc., to the amount of animal lives lost since the invention of livestock and factory farming that occurs across the globe.

Again, as I wrote in that previous article: what’s the point of all this?

Again, I reiterate: if we’re going to act like we have morals and ethics towards life, especially how we treat each other, our “pets”, and certain protected species (due to extinction), then the same morals and ethics should apply to all other animals, especially livestock. It’s that simple. No further argument needs to be made. I could rest my case right here.

Not only that, but we haven’t even mentioned all the trees (another organism) that have been cut down throughout human history to create farms, art museums, roads, schools, churches, synagogues, offices, highways, government offices, stadiums, factories, single homes, mansions, golf courses, apartment complexes, etc., etc.

Further more, many people (the majority?) say that the Jewish Holocaust was horrible, that any kind of war is wrong, terrorism is wrong, killing is wrong, rape, child abuse, mass shootings, guns, neglect, etc., etc., all these things and more are unethical and immoral. Yet, they do not employ these same values, ethics, morals, critical thinking skills, etc., to other lifeforms, most notably livestock and factory farmed animals.

Oh, and by the way: livestock are no longer killed simply for our survival, but equally for our enjoyment, such as hot dogs at the sports stadium (no one goes to the baseball or football game because they need to eat a hot dog otherwise they’ll die of starvation), beef jerky, pig roasts, turkeys at thanksgiving, canned meats like Spam, deli meats, and the list goes on and on. It’s greed, gluttony, enjoyment, entertainment, and profits at play as well.

And if anyone thinks that humans are more important and deserving of life than any other organism, that is called speciesism.

Lastly, it’s quite ironic and funny to think that livestock are less valuable and easily expendable. You know, if they didn’t exist, if there were no cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, fish, etc., what would we eat? Does anyone ever think about that? Does anyone ever think how fortunate we are to not be the only organism on the planet? Does anyone ever think maybe we should respect the cows and pigs a little bit more than how we currently treat them?

Does anyone ever think?

Lastly, as I mentioned in that other article: did you ever think what if cows and pigs were sapient and sentient like us, perhaps apex predators even, and they put us in cages instead? Bred us for our meat, kept our females pregnant to milk them, and like veal, slaughtered our children for their young meat? What if the tables were turned? Oh, we’d be crying “unfair” and “human rights” for sure! Hypocrite much?

As for any further arguments, I’ve pretty much gone over those in my previous article so I’m not going to reiterate myself here.

Once again, to summarize: humans are not any more or less valuable than any other life form on this planet, and the same goes for any other life form: they are not any more or less valuable. Human morals and ethics are simply that: human constructs. But if we are going to say that we are an ethical and moral people, then those same ethics and morals need to apply to every other life form, and therefore, we should end factory farming, livestock, and farming of all kinds. With that said, one could argue that because humans need other animals to survive, that those other life forms are more valuable than humans, because without them, we wouldn’t live to see another day.

Final note: I’m an omnivore that loves a good steak as much as anyone. I willingly participate in this “modern” and “advanced” society, though I do not agree with many aspects of it. As I stated in that other article: if we’re going to continue using livestock and factory farming while being hypocrites when it comes to ethics and morals, then that is going to limit the answers to this problem. Going vegan isn’t really the answer, though it may ease the guilt. The machine keeps on going whether vegan, living off the grid, or even if one didn’t even exist. The only feasible answers to all of this that my limited modern ape brain can think of are a) end livestock, factory farming and all farming and agriculture, which isn’t going to happen, b) live like an uncontacted tribe completely cutoff from society and resorting to hunting and gathering, again that’s not going to happen for me or most of us, or c) live as much of an ethical life as possible, even though we participate in a society full of questionable morals and ethics. Meaning, and I’ll use myself as an example: I don’t have a farm, don’t run a sweatshop, etc.

Of course one could look at all of this from a completely universal and objective view and say it doesn’t matter what humans do, how ethical or unethical they live, because the earth and the universe don’t care about us or any life on the planet. Not only that, but in the distant future when the sun goes into its death throes, it will burn this planet making it an uninhabitable rock, wiping out all life once and for all.

So maybe that’s the one true question: does it matter if we are ethical, unethical, or even hypocrites? I may be somewhat hypocritical myself in recognizing these flaws in society yet continuing to participate in it, though this isn’t so much about me pointing fingers while claiming the contrary. It’s about questioning what we’re doing as a society, which includes me. Besides, this isn’t about me, it’s about us.

Total Human Deaths by All Wars Since 550 BC (in descending order)
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_by_death_toll
Note: some death toll numbers were an approximate range (i.e. 100-200) so I chose the greater number in those cases.

80000000World War II 1939–1945 Worldwide
70000000Taiping Rebellion 1850–1864 China
40000000Three Kingdoms War 184–280 China
40000000Mongol invasions and conquests 1206–1368 Eurasia
36000000An Lushan Rebellion 755–763 China
25000000Transition from Ming to Qing 1616–1683 China
25000000Second Sino-Japanese War 1937–1945 China
24300000Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire 1519–1632 Mexico
20000000Conquests of Timur 1370–1405 Eurasia
20000000Dungan Revolt 1862–1877 China
17000000World War I 1914–1918 Worldwide
12000000Thirty Years’ War 1618–1648 Europe
11692000Chinese Civil War 1927–1949 China
9000000Russian Civil War 1917–1922 Russia
8400000Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire 1533–1572 Peru
7000000Yellow Turban Rebellion 184–205 China
7000000Reconquista 711–1492 Iberian Peninsula
7000000Napoleonic Wars 1803–1815 Worldwide
5400000Second Congo War 1998–2003 Central Africa
5000000Mughal–Maratha Wars 1658–1707 India-Bangladesh
4900000Miao Rebellion 1854–1873 China
4500000Korean War 1950–1953 Korea
4300000Vietnam War 1955–1975 Vietnam
4000000French Wars of Religion 1562–1598 France
3600000Bangladesh Liberation War 1971 Bangladesh
3500000Hundred Years’ War 1337–1453 Western Europe
3500000Mexican Revolution 1910–1920 Mexico
3000000Roman civil wars from Social War (91–87 BC) to War of Actium
3000000Crusades 1095–1291 Europe / Middle East (“Holy Land”)
3000000Deluge 1655–1660 or 1648-1667 Poland
3000000Nigerian Civil War 1967–1970 Nigeria
2500000Afghanistan conflict 1978–present Afghanistan
2000000Jewish–Roman Wars 66–136 Middle East/North Africa
2000000Arab–Byzantine Wars 629–1050 Middle East / North Africa / S
2000000Tây Sơn rebellion 1771–1802 Southeast Asia
2000000Mfecane 1810s–1840s Modern day South Africa
2000000Partition of India 1946–1948 South Asia
2000000Soviet–Afghan War 1979–1989 Afghanistan
2000000Second Sudanese Civil War 1983–2005 Sudan
1920000Punic Wars 264 BC–146 BC Western Europe / North Africa
1500000Chinese Warring States c. 475 BC – 221 BC China
1500000Algerian War 1954–1962 Algeria
1500000Ethiopian Civil War 1974–1991 Ethiopia
1500000Iran–Iraq War 1980–1988 Middle East
1460000Spanish conquest of Yucatán 1519–1595 North America
1400000Seven Years’ War 1756–1763 Worldwide
1260000War on terror 2001–2021 Worldwide
1250000War of the Spanish Succession 1701–1714 Europe / Americas
1200000Paraguayan War 1864–1870 South America
1100000First Jewish–Roman War 66–73 Middle East
1095665French conquest of Algeria 1830–1903 Algeria
1000000Gallic Wars 58 BC–50 BC France
1000000Albigensian Crusade 1208–1229 France
1000000Mediterranean War 1470–1574 Mediterranean
1000000Japanese invasions of Korea 1592–1598 Korea
1000000Peninsular War 1808–1814 Iberian Peninsula
1000000Red Turban Rebellion (1854–1856) 1854–1856 China
1000000Punti–Hakka Clan Wars 1855-1868 China
1000000Panthay Rebellion 1856–1873 China
1000000Indian Rebellion of 1857 1857–1858 India
1000000American Civil War 1861–1865 USA
1000000Spanish Civil War 1936–1939 Spain
876000Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1639–1651 British Isles
807500Rwandan Civil War 1990–1994 Rwanda
800000First Congo War 1996–1997 Congo
770000Second Punic War 218 BC–201 BC Western Europe / North Afric
750000Third Punic War 149 BC–146 BC Tunisia
700000Qin’s Wars of Unification 230 BC–221 BC China
700000Eighty Years’ War 1568–1648 Northern Europe (primarily)
680000Nine Years’ War 1688–1697 Global (mainly Europe)
654965Iraq War 2003–2011 Iraq
650000Cimbrian War 113 BC–101 BC Western Europe
615000Crimean War 1853–1856 Crimean Peninsula
613000Syrian civil war 2011–present Syria
600000Song–Đại Việt war 1075–1077 China, Vietnam
600000Spanish American wars of independence 1808–1833 Americas
580000Bar Kokhba Revolt 132–136 Middle East
575000Spanish conquest of Nicaragua 1522–1536 Nicaragua
540000French invasion of Russia 1812 Russia
504158Angolan Civil War 1975–2002 Angola
500000First Sudanese Civil War 1955–1972 Sudan
500000Ugandan Bush War 1981–1986 Uganda
500000Somali Civil War 1986–present Somalia
500000Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency 1987–present Central Afri
440000Kitos War 115–117 Southern Europe / North Africa
433571Franco-Prussian War 1870–1871 France and Prussia
400000First Punic War 264 BC–241 BC Southern Europe / North Afric
400000Italian Wars 1494–1559 Southern Europe (primarily)
400000Maratha expeditions in Bengal 1741–1751 India, Bangladesh
400000First Indochina War 1946–1954 Southeast Asia
400000Mexican drug war 2006–present Mexico
387300Continuation War 1941–1944 Northern Europe
383000South Sudanese Civil War 2013–2020 South Sudan
380000Great Turkish War 1683–1699 Eastern Europe
378000Tigray War 2020–2022 Ethiopia (Tigray, Afar and Amhara Regi
377000Yemeni Civil War 2014–present Yemen
362000Cuban War of Independence 1895–1898 Cuba
350000Great Northern War 1700–1721 Eastern Europe
350000Boko Haram insurgency 2009–present Nigeria
342000Franco-Dutch War 1672–1678 Western Europe
320100Iraqi–Kurdish conflict 1918–2003 Iraq
300000Greco–Persian Wars 499 BC–449 BC Greece
300000Goguryeo–Sui War 598–614 China, Korea
300000Eritrean–Ethiopian War 1998–2000 Eritrean–Ethiopian border
300000Sierra Leone Civil War 1991–2002 Sierra Leone
300000Burundian Civil War 1993–2005 Burundi
300000War in Darfur 2003–present Sudan
300000Russian invasion of Ukraine 2022–present Ukraine
278000Second Italo–Ethiopian War 1935–1936 Ethiopia
250000Internal conflict in Myanmar 1948–present Myanmar
242000Annexation of Hyderabad 1948 India
241000Ten Years’ War 1868–1878 Cuba
2350001991 Iraqi uprisings 1991 Iraq
234000Philippine–American War 1899–1912 Philippines
228000Venezuelan War of Independence 1810–1823 Venezuela
2200001911 Revolution 1911 China
220000Colombian conflict 1964–present Colombia
212191War in Afghanistan (2001–2021) 2001–2021 Afghanistan
211830English Civil War 1642–1651 England, Scotland, and Ireland
206100Russo-Japanese War 1904–1905 Northeast Asia
200000Campaigns of Suleiman the Magnificent 1521–1566 Eastern Eur
200000Franco-Spanish War (1635–1659) 1635–1659 Western Europe
200000Carlist Wars 1820–1876 Spain
200000North Yemen Civil War 1962–1970 Yemen
200000Indonesian invasion of East Timor 1975–1976 East Timor
200000Algerian Civil War 1991–2002 Algeria
200000War in Iraq (2013–2017) 2013–2017 Iraq
194837Winter War 1939–1940 Finland
194700La Violencia 1948–1958 Colombia
170000Greek War of Independence 1821–1831 Greece
165000Hunnic Reclaims 395–453 Europe
158000Greek Civil War 1946–1949 Greece
150000Iceni Revolt 60–61 England
150000Wars of the Sixteen Kingdoms 304–439 Northern China
150000Wars of Scottish Independence 1296–1357 Scotland / England
150000Lebanese Civil War 1975–1990 Lebanon
142000Wars of Alexander the Great 336 BC–323 BC Middle East / Nor
142000Arauco War 1550–1790 Chile
140000Balkan Wars 1912–1913 Balkan Peninsula
135000Saint-Domingue expedition 1802–1803 Haiti
130000Nine Years’ War (Ireland) 1593–1603 Ireland
130000Chaco War 1932–1935 Gran Chaco
120000Thousand Days’ War 1899–1902 Colombia
120000Moro conflict 1969–2019 Philippines
116074Arab–Israeli conflict 1948–present Middle East
116000American Revolutionary War 1775–1783 Worldwide
110000French colonial campaigns 1830–1895 Algeria, Tunisia, Moroc
110000Kashmir conflict 1947–present North India / Pakistan
107000Aceh War 1873–1914 Indonesia
106285Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604) 1585–1604 Americas, Netherlan
105000Wars of the Roses 1455–1487 England / Wales
105000Bosnian War 1991–1995 Bosnia
103000Angolan War of Independence 1961–1974 Angola
100000Conquests of Cyrus the Great 549 BC–530 BC Middle East
100000German Peasants’ War 1524–1525 Germany
100000White Lotus Rebellion 1794–1804 China
100000Boxer Rebellion 1899–1901 China
100000Kurdish–Turkish conflict 1921–present Middle East
100000Congo Crisis 1960–1965 Congo
100000Insurgency in Laos 1975–2007 Laos
100000Sri Lankan Civil War 1983–2009 Sri Lanka
100000Kivu Conflict 2004–present Congo
95768Soviet–Japanese War 1945 Manchuria
90000Goryeo–Khitan Wars 993–1019 Korea
90000South African War (Second Boer War) 1899-1902 South Africa
90000Rif War 1921–1926 Morocco
89000– Malagasy Uprising (1947–1948)[158][159]
88500Mozambican War of Independence 1964–1974 Mozambique
80000Portuguese Restoration War 1640–1668 Iberian Peninsula
80000Salvadoran Civil War 1979–1992 El Salvador
79000Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2004–2017 Pakistan
72000Fifth Ottoman–Venetian War 1645–1669 Candia, Crete, Dalmati
70000Sino-Burmese War 1765–1769 Southeast Asia
70000Internal conflict in Peru 1980–present Peru
65000French campaign in Egypt and Syria 1798–1801 Middle East /
60000Ogaden War 1977–1978 Ethiopia
60000Ituri conflict 1999–2003 Congo
58000Kurdish separatism in Iran 1918–present Iran
54000Insurgency in the Maghreb 2002–present Algeria, Libya, Mali
50000South African invasion of Angola 1975–1976 Angola
50000Nagorno-Karabakh conflict 1988–present Caucasus region
50000Rojava–Islamist conflict 2013–present Syria
49287French intervention in Mexico 1862–1867 Mexico
48311First Sino–Japanese War 1894–1895 East Asia
45000Kurdish–Turkish conflict 1978–present Middle East
43000Communist rebellion in the Philippines 1969–present Philipp
43000Libyan crisis 2011–present Libya
40500Gulf War 1990–1991 Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia
40302Myanmar Civil War 2021–present Myanmar
40000Austro-Prussian War 1866 Central Europe
40000Second Italo-Senussi War 1923–1932 Libya
35000Conquest of the Desert 1870s–1884 Patagonia
34000Ethnic conflict in Nagaland 1954–present Northeast India
34000– Kurdish separatism in Iran (1918–present)[145]
33500Samnite Wars 343 BC–290 BC Italy
30000War of Jenkins’ Ear 1739–1748 American South, Caribbean, Pa
30000War of Canudos 1896-1897 Brazil
27000Greco-Italian War 1940–1941 Southeast Europe
26373– 1948 Arab–Israeli War (1948–1949)[157]
25000Insurgency in Northeast India 1964–present Northeast India
22211– Croatian War of Independence (1991–1995)[144]
22077– Mau Mau rebellion (1952–1960)
22000– Dominican Restoration War (1863–1865)[a]
21741– War of 1812 (1812–1815)[25][165]
21000– Six-Day War (1967)[145]
20069– First Opium War (1839–1842)[147]
20068– Reform War (1857–1860)
20000– Yaqui Wars (1533–1929)[25]
20000– War of the Quadruple Alliance (1718–1720)[29]
20000– Ragamuffin War (1835–1845)[146]
20000– Italo-Turkish War (1911–1912)[25]
20000– Anglo-Spanish War (1727–1729)[25]
19619– Rhodesian Bush War (1964–1979)
19000– Mexican–American War (1846–1848)[25]
17200– First Anglo-Afghan War (1839–1842)[148]
17065– Balochistan conflict (1948–present)[149][150][151]
16200– Yemeni Civil War (2014–present) (2014–present)
16000– War of the Pacific (1879–1883)
16000– Nepalese Civil War (1996–2006)
16000– Spanish–American War (1898)[25]
15300– Peasants’ War (1798) – Part of the French Revolutionary Wa
15000– Nigerian Sharia conflict (2009–present)[152][153][154]
15000– Anglo-Spanish War (1654–1660)
14922– South African Border War (1966–1990)
14300– Yom Kippur War (1973)[75]
13929– Republic of the Congo Civil War (1997–1999)[116]
13812– Naxalite–Maoist insurgency (1967–present)[155][156]
13459– Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 (1965)
12843– Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 – Part of the Bangladesh Libera
10000– Assam separatist movements (1979–present)
10000– Malayan Emergency (1948–1960)[160]
10000– War in Donbas[161] – Part of the Russian military interven
10000– First Italo-Ethiopian War (1894–1896)[25]
10000– Second Melillan campaign (1909)[25]
10000– Hispano-Moroccan War (1859–1860)[25]
10000– Spanish conquest of Tripoli (1510)[162]
10000– Conflict in the Niger Delta (2004–present)[177]
9400– Libyan Civil War (2011) (2011)[163]
8136– Iraqi insurgency (2011–2013)[164]
7104– Indo-Pakistani War of 1947–1948 (1947–1949)[167]
7050– Portuguese conquest of Goa (1510)[166]
7000– Chadian Civil War (2005–2010) (2005–2010)[168]
6991– Opposition–Islamic State conflict during the Syrian civil
6859– 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict (2020–present)
6543– South Thailand insurgency (2004–present)[169]
6295– Central African Republic conflict (2012–present)
6000– Permesta Rebellion (1958–1961)
6000– Negro Rebellion (1912)[180][181]
5641– Sudanese nomadic conflicts (2009–present)[170][171]
5600– 2023 Israel–Hamas war (2023–present)
5600– Kargil War (1999)[203][204][205][206]
5100– Gaza–Israel conflict (2006–present) – Part of the Arab–Isr
5000– Casamance conflict (1982–2014)[172]
5000– Chilean Civil War of 1891 (1891)[173]
5000– Cuban Revolution (1953–1959)[174]
5000– War of the Reunions (1683–1684)
5000– Croatian–Slovene Peasant Revolt (1573) [182]
4715– Libyan Civil War (2014–present) (2014–present)
4275– Dominican Civil War (1965)[175]
4200– Shifta War (1963–1967)[176]
4000– War of Devolution (1667–1668)
3800– Albanian Civil War (1997)
3722– Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (1956)
3699– Al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen (1992–present)[116]
3552– First Schleswig War (1848–1852)
3529– The Northern Ireland Troubles (1966–1998)[178]
3366– Insurgency in the North Caucasus (2009–2017)[179]
3270– Second Schleswig War (1864)
3144– Allied Democratic Forces insurgency (1996–present)
3114– 1947–1948 civil war in Mandatory Palestine (1947–1948) – P
3007– War of the Golden Stool (1900)[citation needed]
3000– 1958 Lebanon crisis (1958)
3000– Second Ivorian Civil War (2010–2011)[183]
3000– Banana Wars (1914–1933)[57]
3000– Dominican War of Independence (1844)
2971– Second Opium War (1856–1860)
2800– Northern Mali conflict (2012–present)
2781– Iranian Revolution (1978–1979)[184]
2751– Third Anglo-Afghan War (1919)[185]
2557– Sudan internal conflict (2011–present) (2011–present)[186]
2496– Russo–Georgian War (2008)
2406– 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict (2014) – Part of the Gaza–Israel
2394– Sinai insurgency (2011–present)[189]
2300– Conflict in the Niger Delta (2003–present)[190][191]
2237– Transnistria War (1992)[197][198][199][200]
2150– Persian expedition of 1796 (1796)
2096– Aden Emergency (1963–1967)
2054– South Yemen insurgency (2009–2015)
2014– Irish War of Independence (1919–1921)
2000– Costa Rican civil war (1948)
2000– Six-Day War (2000) (2000)[192]
2000– 2010 South Kyrgyzstan ethnic clashes (2010)[193][194][195]
2000– Iran crisis of 1946 (1946)[196]
1874– 2001–2002 India–Pakistan standoff (2001–2002)
1817– Mexican Border War (1910–1919)
1810– Anglo-Iraqi War (1941) – Part of World War II
1774– Lapland War (1944–1945) – Part of World War II
1648– Sinaloa Cartel–Gulf Cartel conflict ( 2004–present )
1600– Texas Revolution (1835–1836)[b]
1561– Islamic State-related terrorist attacks in Turkey (2013–pr
1500– Irish Civil War (1922–1923)
1500– Cabinda conflict (1994–present)[207]
1500– Sudanese conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile (2011–pr
1480– Ifni War (1957–1958)[75]
1444– Taliban-ISIL conflict in Afghanistan ( 2015–present )
1300– Allied Democratic Forces insurgency (1996–present)[201]
1295– Siachen conflict (1984–2011)
1229– Basque conflict (1959–2011)[202]
1000– Djiboutian Civil War (1991–1994)
1000– 1991–1992 South Ossetia War (1991–1992)[208]
1000– Xinjiang conflict (1930–present)
1000– Chincha Islands War (1864–1866)[25]
1000– Houthi–Saudi Arabian conflict (2015–present) – Part of the
1000– Second Mafia War (1980-1983)
968– Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)
907– Falklands War (1982)[209]
898– Barbary Wars (1801–1815)
864– Jamaican political conflict (1943–present)
850– Syrian civil war spillover in Lebanon (2011–2017) – Part o
846– 2011 Egyptian revolution (2011)
838– Operation Just Cause (1989–1990)
818– Korean DMZ Conflict (1966–1969)
808– Sino-Russian border conflicts (1652–1689)
800– Anglo-Aro War (1901–1902)
771– Insurgency in Egypt (2013–present) (2013–present)
740– Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation (1963–1966)[210][211]
722– Kamwina Nsapu rebellion (2016–2019)
670in the Gulf Cartel (2010–present)
650– Infighting in Los Zetas (2010–present)
621– Second ‘Ndrangheta war (1985-1991)
569– Second Afar insurgency (1995–2018) Part of the Eritrean–Et
547– Cyprus Emergency (1955–1959)
542– East Prigorodny Conflict (1992)
523– Jebel Akhdar War (1954–1959)[217]
500– Anglo-Zanzibar War (1896)
500– Sand War (1963–1964)
494Lebanon conflict
422– Franco-Thai War (1940–1941)
353– Korean Expedition (1871)
345– Arab separatism in Khuzestan (1922–2022)
327– RENAMO insurgency (2013–2021)
316– Chiapas conflict (1994–1996)
302– Operation Uphold Democracy (1994–1995)
300– Islamic Army–Al-Qaeda conflict (2006-2007)
247– Cortina Troubles (1859–1861)
236– Batwa–Luba clashes (2013–2018)
233– First ‘Ndrangheta war (1974–1976)
233– Anglophone Crisis (2017–present)[c]
227– 2016–2018 India–Pakistan border skirmishes (2016–2018)
217– Cuban invasion of the Dominican Republic (1959)
200– 1967 Opium War (1967)
200– 1935 Yazidi revolt (1935)[citation needed]
194– United States occupation of Veracruz (1914)[218]
160– Quebec Biker War (1994-2002)
159– Islamic State insurgency in Tunisia (2015–present)[citatio
141– 2006 São Paulo violence outbreak (2006)
134– 2013 Lahad Datu standoff (2013)[233][234]
126– Kasese clashes (2016)[219][220]
115– Pool War (2016–present)
112– Operation Urgent Fury (1983)
111– 2014–2015 India–Pakistan border skirmishes (2014–2015)
108– Islamist insurgency in Mozambique (2017–present)[d]
95– 2013 Guinea clashes (2013)[232]
82– Quasi-War (1798–1800)[citation needed]
82– North-West Rebellion (1885)[235]
80– Las Cuevas War (1875)
77– Operation El Dorado Canyon (1986)
71– Paraguayan People’s Army insurgency (2005–present)[citatio
70– DHKP/C insurgency in Turkey (1990–present)
63– Ten-Day War (1991)
61– 2017 Afghanistan–Pakistan border skirmish (2017) – Part of
56– Dissident Irish Republican campaign (1998–present)
50– Second Samoan Civil War (1898–1899)
46– Annexation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli (1954)
45– 2020–2021 China–India skirmishes (2020–2021)
41– 2010 Rio de Janeiro security crisis (2010)
37– 2013 India–Pakistan border skirmishes (2013)
36– 2016 Niger Delta conflict (2016–Present)[236] – Part of th
30– 2008 Kufra conflict (2008)
8– 2011 India–Pakistan border skirmish (2011)
588476677Total Death Toll