13 Videos Submitted for Various Streaming Sites (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

For reasons I am not entirely sure of myself, I completely forgot about my annual ritual where I would submit the audio from select videos on my YouTube channel to various streaming sites such as Spotify, etc., so that people can listen to the audio outside of YouTube. I think time just slipped by, and the next thing I know it’s December 2022.

So I spent the past 2 days downloading 13 select videos from YouTube, splitting the audio into tracks, labelling each track, doing the artwork cover for each release, and uploading all the tracks to the aggregator I use which is what submits the audio to like the 50 different streaming and download sites.

Now we play the waiting game as the aggregator works to approve the releases and then distributes them. Hopefully it’s just a matter of days. I’ll provide one final update once all the releases have been distributed and are available for listening!

– Paul