About the Formation of the Arkham Sanitarium Band

I have NO idea where this idea came from. It hit me out of nowhere I think in January 2024, or December 2023. All I know is at some point about a month or so prior to this post, I thought: why not have the characters of my universe (omniverse, to be precise) start a band! LOL! It’s the funniest and most absurd thing I’ve ever thought of, and will probably the be most fun and absurd thing I’ll ever embark on (for now/this year, at least).

I bought a synthesizer 1-2 years ago and had my character Deep One Dave do a video with that. Never thought about the band idea then. I did 1 or 2 videos with the synth as myself. I’ve even dabbled in electronic music here and there waaaay back in the early 2000’s. Just never amounted to anything because I never had the patience (ADHD?) to learn music.

I taught myself a few guitar chords even waaaaayer back in the mid-1980’s in my mid-teens. Again: patience. Gave that up out of frustration. A few years before that, we bought a very cheap drum set (bass, snare, 1 cymbal) and I tried that, but again: gave that up.

Fast forward to this January 2024 and I bought a beginner’s drum set by Pearl and did a video of Dave messing around with it, basically announcing that he was starting a band. After that, I bought a bass guitar, and another character will be using that in a video to announce they’ll be the bass player.

Now I just need a guitar and figure out which character will be playing that, most likely Corvus. Not sure just yet though.

So my plan was/is to record about an hour of each character playing their instrument, just experimenting and exploring the sounds, and tie all the videos together. But then I thought: maybe it might be a good idea to gain some basic knowledge of how to play each instrument.

So I started taking bass guitar lessons about 2 weeks prior to this post. I found I love the bass! At 53 years old! When prior to that I couldn’t care less about bass, except for all the cool bass riffs I heard over the years. But here I am and I’ve started to learn major scale and where the notes are on the frets, and all that.

But as I slept on this overall idea, as well as the idea of taking lessons, I’ve reached the conclusion that for the time being at least, there’s no way I’ll be able to learn the basics of bass, drums and guitar in 1 month’s time. And the reason for the 1 month is because in March 2024 I want to put out the very first video of the band. So I think for now, I’ll just have to go with my original plan: ditch the lessons (for now), and have each band member just fuck around, experiment with, and explore the sounds of each instrument, despite having hardly any talent or knowledge. After all, that was my original idea: to create this visual/audio Avant-garde, absurdist, random, comedic piece of art. And who knows, maybe the experimental randomness of exploring each instrument’s sound, when all of them are brought together, might have a few moments where things actually sound good.

So the goal isn’t (and never was) to actually create good music, or anything worth buying, but rather to create this one-of-a-kind, unique, Avant-garde visual-audio art piece, despite the fact I have absolutely no talent in playing any of the instruments beyond a raw beginner’s level. And I think that’s where the magic lies.

Ideally, I would prefer to act like the band Ghost, where I hire musicians to tour for me under the band name. I write some lyrics to their music, and they get dressed up in costume to perform as the characters. Or who knows, maybe I would perform/sing as one of the characters. But it’s not going to happen because I like the simple, quiet, solitude type of life at home and being a loyal and loving father and husband, there’s no way I’m going to abandon the family and tour.

So stay tuned for the band! LOL!