2 Problems with the Film Old Henry

Spoilers ahead!

First off, I’m not a critic or a reviewer and my wife and I absolutely loved this film, especially the big reveal. Wow! It was absolutely fantastic and we didn’t see it coming. This film is such a breath of fresh air in an overplayed and tired genre.

However! And that’s a very big However. Big as they git. There were 2 big problems that I had with this movie:

Problem #1: The leader of the gang was shot in the final battle (no, that’s not the problem, I’m getting to it). We later find out that he was shot in the upper chest and managed to crawl away as Henry was picking off the rest of the gang one-by-one. Eventually, Henry meanders to the front of his house to take care of the supposed last gang member who spoke Spanish. After a 10 second or so stand-off, Henry ends up killing him. As Henry begins to walk away, if my memory serves me correctly, he is then shot at by an unknown assailant, who we find out a few seconds later is the leader of the gang who, as I stated, was not mortally wounded by Henry, and crawled away to hide behind a shed like structure in the front of the house and off towards the side. My problem with this is that this gang leader, from his vantage point behind the shed, had a clear shot and plenty of time to shoot Henry in the back while Henry and the last gang member were having their stand off.

Problem #2: Henry’s out-of-character running away from the gang member. This was really weird to watch. At this point in the movie we have learned that Henry is actually Billy the Kid. He just singlehandedly took out like 6-8 armed men without getting shot himself. Now he’s after the leader of the gang who is wounded. For whatever reason, as smart as Billy the Kid is based on the actions he took throughout the course of the film, he gets a whole lotta stupid in this final act. He ends up getting out in the open in order to try to shoot the gang leader, and Henry ends up getting shot himself in the process.

This is when things really get weird: he ends up running away almost in a straight line, in the open without any cover, as the gang leader continues to take pot shots at him.

I felt this entire sequence was out of character for Henry knowing how smart he was in the entire movie beforehand. He still has his wits about him as old as he is. He was able to act offensively and defensively during the gun fights. But this last sequence where it’s almost comical as he’s running out in the open and later ducking in between trees reminded me of some very old comical silent western movies. And that’s what this sequence was to me, just weird and funny at the same time. It was like we weren’t watching the great Billy the Kid anymore, but an old man who all-of-a-sudden was really just a farmer, and not a wily, smart old gunslinger.

The only thing I could think of, which I told my wife, is that after he (Henry) got shot, he was trying to lure the gang leader away from the house so in the event he (Henry) died, his son could get away or possibly take out the gang leader himself, since the gang leader was still alive. But even if this was the case, it still was no excuse for Henry’s actions and antics at this point in the film.

Henry should have killed the gang leader in a smart manner and that’s that. Fill up that part of the movie with something else. I would have liked to see something like that instead of the weird, very out-of-character way that Henry was acting.

Other than that, absolutely fantastic movie and I had no problem with the ending. 5 stars regardless of my nitpicking.