Ephemeral Rift Podcast #12 – Special Guest: No One


Intro: 2nd COVID-19 vaccine; fevers; Achilles with a K

Main course – Special Guest: No One
– what is no one up to?
– did no one get the COVID vaccine?
– is no one in a relationship?
– does no one believe in heaven & hell?
– is no one religious?
– does no one have kids?
– how does no one like being the most powerful being alive?
– is no one alive?
– does no one like soda & ice cream?
– who does no one think is the greatest american rock band of all time?
– what is no one’s opinion on nothing?
– does no one have an interest in history?
– what is no one’s purpose in life & impact of life achievements?
– would no one change the past knowing it would change the present?
– who are “you” and what does it mean to be “you”?
– why does everyone tell me to dance like you, no one, are watching?
– a message from no one’s father?
– what is no one’s favorite thing about non-existing?
– which dinosaur would no one ride into battle and win?
– why does no one love me? do you, no one, love me?
– since you are no one, is there a no two? will your friends and family (no two, no three, no four, etc.) ever be on the podcast?
– do you think we’ll find microbial life on mars?
– what do you think about the high gas prices?
– what are no one’s thoughts on debt and self-sufficiency?
– how did no one survive the great filter?
– what do you think will happen to you no one if you are dead?
– I really like No One!!!
– does no one think humans will destroy the earth or drive themselves to extinction?
– if no one could be a kitchen appliance, which one and why?
– what is no one’s iq? how many chromosomes does no one have?
– does no one think gen z is dumb, and why?
– does no one have a battle jacket?
– what is no one’s thoughts on console wars?
– does no one have a favorite vacation spot?
– what is no one’s political views on waffles?
– if no one could have lunch with an actor dead or alive, who would it be?
– how does no one think they affect people?
– how’s no one’s mom? how’s it like being nobody?
– what does no one think the meaning of life is?
– what is no one’s greatest fear?
– does no one have aspirations of becoming someone?
– what is no one’s thoughts on being patriotic?
– does no one enjoy Nothing ASMR? How goes the Nothing Shop?
– does no one know someone?
– what is no one’s take on UFO videos in the recent news?
– does no one own the PS5?
– how did no one lose hearing in their left ear?
– what does no one like more: nuka cola or coka cola?
– no one: how did the ephemeral rift universe start?
– no one: where is Iggy Manley?
– has no one ever felt more emotionally connected to animals than people and if so what does that mean?
– what is stopping no one from living life to the fullest?
– no one: does being widely recognized have its detriments?
– how did no one come into existence and have the ability to answer questions?
– how has no one managed to stay alive so long?
– are there are video games that no one plays?
– what are some movies that no one likes to watch?
– no one’s parting words for listeners and viewners 

No leftovers or dessert this week :-(

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