Dear Bluepoint Games: Your Demon’s Souls Remake is Perfection! Please Remake Dark Souls 1 ASAP! Thanks!!


I mean, really, do I need to go any further?

Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls is a near-perfect visual & audio work of art (aside from any lingering imperfections that they could not overcome such as anything related to the original code). While looks are not everything, the core game of Demon’s Souls that made it a pioneering and revolutionary masterpiece now has matching graphics and sounds. And the sounds! The music and effects are impeccable. The ambience, the “foley” effects such as the footsteps, all of it. I simply love taking a break from the punishing combat to slowly walk through the environments just to enjoy the audio atmosphere and sound effects.

I, as well as many other fans, hope that Bluepoint can work the same kind of magic with Dark Souls, so that all gamers, whether PS, PC or Xbox, whether old or new to the franchise, can enjoy the 2nd masterpiece in the Soulsborne franchise.

I’ll be waiting with bated breath.
– E.R.