EphemRadio is the name of the DIY, homegrown, independent, non-commercial podcast that I run out of our basement when I’m not busy with my primary YouTube channel project or spending time with family being a Dad.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ephemradio/id982104982
libsyn: http://ephemeralrift.libsyn.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/I3tp2rluf2y7zlllbsub5uuq2ke

Podcast currently on hiatus. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • I don’t want to be just another talking head filling up peoples’ heads with garbage
  • I don’t have the energy. I focus most of my energy on my YouTube channel. Recently I have started to focus some time on writing here on the website. So whatever energy I have left isn’t enough to really focus on making the podcast a legitimate podcast.

The podcast was released twice a week every Tuesday and Saturday morning. It is the one place where I get to unleash my raw, unadulterated thoughts, observations, humor and experiences on a wide variety of topics ranging from the everyday and mundane, to the arts & entertainment, philosophy, and politics.

As of November 2017, I started to introduce music that I love and support into the podcast featuring various independent artists, primarily in the Metal genre of music, though also branching out beyond that to include bluegrass, punk, folk, etc.

I have no long term goal for the podcast, so I have no idea what this little creature of mine will turn into in the years to come. I know that I will do whatever it takes to keep it from becoming another typical commercial, for-profit project.

There is also the Arkham Sanitarium podcast which is currently on hiatus.

Podcast cover art by fellow YouTuber and ASMR creator PeacefulMind ASMR