FAQ & Rules about the DayZ “Arkham Sanitarium Experiment” Private PS4 Server

Hello, I am the human known as “Ephemeral Rift” found on YouTube here: Ephemeral Rift – YouTube

Below is the FAQ and Rules concerning the DayZ private server I have opened for the PS4 only:


  • Why is the server Private? Because I don’t want the aggravation of babysitting people, most especially people who enjoy griefing and ruining other peoples’ fun. More specifically adults who should know better. Opening a public server means opening it up to all kinds of people, not just like-minded, good-natured people, but people who want to grief, harass and do who-knows-what to other players or the server itself. Running a public server means one has to moderate and police the server and that, my friend, is exactly the headache and aggravation I do not have room for in my life. You could say “hire some moderators” but we’re still having the same conversation about moderating, moderating the moderators, interviewing potential moderators, policing people, the whole nine. No. Just… No. I opened the server for peace of mind purposes for when I want to play the game the way that I want to play it and for anyone else who wishes to join the server who is like-minded as well, including the rare chance we few actually encounter one another in the game.
  • Why is the server for Patrons only? Is this Pay-to-Play? No, it’s not. This isn’t an attempt at being greedy. It’s the only way to avoid the headache of moderating a public server. Also, it is somewhat only fair that those who have contributed financially to what I do on YouTube have access to the server. I know it’s not fair to my loyal viewers and subscribers who are not patrons: they support what I do just as equally, perhaps more-so since the number of patrons I have is a small percentage in comparison. But until I can think of a better way to open the server up to everyone while avoiding the aggravation of moderating, this will have to do for now. However, I am currently debating the Patron-only access for a better idea.
  • Why is the server PS4 only? Because I play on the PS4 exclusively. I would love to have Xbox and PC servers, but I don’t own an Xbox nor do I play games on the PC anymore, so I wouldn’t even be able to moderate those servers, let alone be able to play with the people who joined them. I would absolutely love to have servers open for all platforms so I could interact with my viewers and subscribers no matter where they live, but it’s just not practical nor feasible. Ironically, I built my PC about 10 years ago (upgraded about 5 yrs ago) specifically to play games (and updated to render videos quicker). However, since I’ve been behind a computer gripping a mouse for the past 30 years ever since my 20’s at various office jobs and now currently spend my days editing my own videos, if I spend any more time at the PC beyond that, then I start to get tendonitis/carpal tunnel symptoms. So I moved to the PS4 years ago and am actually very happy and content in having done so, not to mention less hassle having to spend thousands of dollars upgrading the PC every X years just to play the latest video games when console graphics are just as good as PC these days anyway. Plus, I can sit back on my couch and relax while I play, not forced to sit in a chair staring at a screen that’s 10 inches away from my face. I do that enough during the day as it is.
  • Why is the server in the US (NY) only ? Because I’m in Pennsylvania and that’s the closest server to me. Again, I would absolutely love to have servers open for all platforms and in every server location across the globe since my viewers and subscribers are located internationally (though most in the U.S.), but you’re talking at least $200 a year per server. Multiply that by 3 for each platform (Xbox, PC, PS4). Then multiply that new number by the number of international server locations. We’re talking, what… $3k-$4k a year? Just for 1 game? Not to mention having to moderate all of those servers!? Hahahahahahahaha! NO. As much as that would be great, it’s just not practical, logical nor feasible.

DayZ is just one video game of the several that I play, and video games are just one of the several interests that I have, not to mention running a full time YouTube channel and being a husband and a father. If I ran a DayZ channel, or I was a DayZ streamer or mod, and my entire life was DayZ! DayZ! DayZ! 24/7 then we’d be having a different conversation.

That should address most of the major questions that would arise.

Now we’re moving on to the rules about the server, and for that, I must step aside and allow The Professor to take it from here.

Professor Clemmons: Hello, this is Professor Clemmons of Arkham Sanitarium (see: Ephemeral Rift – YouTube). If you are a patient (Patron) who is participating in this experiment, then the following is meant for you:

Dear patient, thank you for participating in this new experiment where you will be sent through a rift (i.e. joining the server) to the land of either Livonia where you will be (fictitiously) monitored remotely by myself or Corvus to see how long you can survive.

Because there may be other patients (Patrons) participating in this experiment, and you may encounter each other, it is imperative that all patients adhere to the following rules less they be permanently banned from the experiment (i.e.. the server):


  • BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL (No Griefing, No Harassment, No Offensive Behavior)We are sure this goes without saying, but… the patients at Arkham Sanitarium consist of all types of people from all ages and walks of life (i.e. ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc.) All are welcomed! Most patients are simply looking to escape the real world and enjoy their time trying to survive the treacherous land without fear of being harassed by other patients. Therefore, patients are advised to act in a courteous and kind manner when engaging in any form of communication during the experiment. If a patient has had a particularly bad day and feels the need to take their frustrations and anger out on other patients, then perhaps it is best that said patient does not participate in the experiment at that time and come back later. It is also okay to not communicate at all if you simply happen to not be in the mood or are feeling a bit anti-social. But a simple hello (speaking, waving, crouching, etc.) and/or sharing of supplies is always welcomed and never hurts.
  • PVE ONLY! NO PVP & NO KOS (Kill On Sight) – This is a Patient vs Environment experiment only, not Patient vs Patient. Therefore, all Patients are warned not to engage in any hostile behavior with each other. We do not want any of our patients unable to return home to the comforts of the sanitarium. This is supposed to be as relaxing and stress-free of an experiment as possible (all things considered).
  • RP IS WELCOMED! – You do not have to necessarily speak in-character or act like a patient the entire time, but at the very least it is highly encouraged to play with the mindset that you are a patient of Arkham Sanitarium who has been sent through a rift to the land of DayZ in order to see how long you can survive. Think of other players as other patients. When dying or exiting the game, think of that time away from the game as though you returned back to the sanitarium to report to the Professor or Corvus. Feel free to be as role-play immersive or not as you like, especially when encountering other players. Consider making up your own back-story as to why you are a patient. Have a blog or social media page? Consider informing the world with a frequent log of your experiences in this experiment.
  • No offensive language or behavior
  • No hacking, cheating or intentional exploitation of bugs
  • Do not attempt to dupe items on the server
  • HAVE FUN! This is perhaps the golden rule. It is bad enough having to deal with the unforgiving elements and the endless horde of the undead, let’s not make it any more difficult on each other! This should be a fun, relaxing experience for all who participate in the experiment.

Eldritch Regards,

The Professor