I am the independent, jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, one-man-band behind the Ephemeral Rift YouTube channel and the homegrown EphemRadio podcast.

I grew up in the suburbs west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I still reside. I have always wanted to be creative, being strongly attracted to music, but just never had the patience or that fire to figure exactly what to do with myself in that regard. I wasn’t into singing, and could never learn more than 4 chords on a guitar. I was into amateur writing, mostly bad poems and song lyrics, but all of that never amounted to anything. So like most everyone, I got a job working for The Man while continuing to search for that creative outlet and my fountain of youth.

that’s when I stumbled onto YouTube in September 2011 with the hopes of it being the satisfying creative outlet I was searching for most of my adult life. Call it a sandbox, testing ground, perhaps even social experiment, the first videos on the channel consisted of time lapse photography of clouds and my amateur playing of the Native American Style Flute. I stumbled onto ASMR in the spring of 2012 and went from a this-is-the-thing-I’ve-experienced-all-my-life-viewer to a content creator in a matter of weeks. From there, the flood gates opened and the rest is history.

Born and raised in SouthEastern Pennsylvania, I am a husband, father, ex-Roman-Catholic godless animal, nature enthusiast, ex-insect-macro-photographer, foodie, gamer (traditional table top to video games), ex-tobacco-smoker (as of ~2005), ex-moderate-drinker (with the occasional beer now and then), ex-cannabis smoker (which could change if it became legal in Pennsylvania), wanna-be-stand-up-comedian, wanna-be-film-director, metalhead, nihilist, optimist, “Glass half full”, cynic, skeptic, critical thinker, free thinker, escapist,¬†philosophy enthusiast, absurdist, and someone who sometimes also identifies as a humanist, anti-capitalist, anarcho-communist, individualist, praying mantis and alien.